Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2013 Panini Elite baseball

Let's jump back into the scan folder. I have way too much that needs to be posted. Here is a pack from one of my LCS pack wars. Who wants to prospect hunt?


Get used to that color. Anyway, this is the "Extra Edition", whatever that means. Hot to trot Clint Frazier on the pack and a conveniently not photoshopped out Under Armor logo. Let's see the 5 cards within.

The scan doesn't show, but these are shiny. Think of cards printed on tin foil, just thicker. No logos, shopped uniform, city names. But hey - eXtra edition!!!! Dig the huge Elite logo too. Ugh.

The centering is a lot to be desired. But they sure slide in that Elite logo.

Better centering, but then that stupid logo unbalances the card. This is a money grab release.


I have no clue if there are players that are not pitchers in this set. Maybe that's the whole extra part - extra pitchers. Want the backs?

And the photo is run thru a grayscale filter and pasted. Zzzzzz....

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