Wednesday, February 01, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1 Baseball - Blaster Retail Pack

I'm not a baseball guy anymore, but since it's Topps Series 1 release day, I decided to join in.  I couldn't make it to my local card shop today, but decided to stop by Target on my way home.  I picked up one blaster and have chosen a pack to show you.

One thing I look for when I buy retail packs are inserts that you can only pull from retail.  A lot of people refuse to buy retail because they don't have enough big hits.  However, it gives those of us that will purchase them trade bait.  In addition to the "Exclusive Fielding Award Cards," there were supposed to be five Jackie Robinson Day cards per box.  More to come on that.

Odds above for those that are interested.  Now, onto the cards.

2017 Topps #95 Chris Davis
2017 Topps #95 Chris Davis (back)
Much has been said over the last few weeks about the set design, both front and back.  If you didn't notice, the card back has seen a change this year.  The player's recent stats are shown, not total career stats.  I'll keep my thoughts on that to myself, but I wanted to point it out for those that didn't know.

2017 Topps #54 Dellin Betances
2017 Topps #335 Jeff Hoffman
2017 Topps #82 Aaron Sanchez
2017 Topps #295 Matt Kemp 
2017 Topps Gold #160 Evan Gattis
2017 Topps Gold #160 Evan Gattis (back)
The scan doesn't do the gold parallel cards justice.  They are very nice looking-in hand.

2017 Topps 1987 Topps Baseball#8792 Addison Russell
2017 Topps 1987 Topps Baseball#8792 Addison Russell (back)
I received my first baseball cards for Christmas in 1986.  The gift was a complete set of 1986 Topps.  I was immediately into cards and 1987 was the first year I collected.  The 1987 Topps set will always hold a special place in my heart.  Though I'm not into baseball anymore, I still plan to put this insert set together.  It's a good thing that I'm not overly concerned with condition, since all cards in the pack had dinged corners.
2017 Topps #320 Arizona Diamondbacks 
2017 Topps #164 Matt Harvey
If you're interested to see what else was in my blaster, I will be writing a post shortly over on my personal blog.

I hope that you enjoyed this pack rip.  Best of luck if you're opening some yourself!

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