Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Sports Cards Jersey and Frame Set (Follow-Up)

I made it pack to K-Mart tonight to grab the other two packs I left behind yesterday. Have a look at what came out of them.I know right? I'm not quite ready to shout "Mantle-Jo!" yet though. I have my lucky moments as any of us do, but this is too much to not question, isn't it? So, this intrepid APtbNL investigative non-journalist asks what you think of all this? Legit? Too good to be true? Shut up and enjoy your Mantles, you overly-dramatic, humble-bragging buffoon? What say you, champions of the card blogging universe?


The Dimwit said...

I think I need the address to the K-Mart so I can go pick up a few Mantle jersey swatches... sickness and horrible that they didn't distribute the Mantle's across the product line a little better... awesome for you though! Great pulls!

(...Joe) said...

I think you need to buy a lotto ticket, start a bar fight and ask a Victoria's Secret model out on a date. Ride the hot hand for all it's worth!!!

Todd Uncommon said...

Mickey Mantle wore him some nice jammies. Wonder who bought those at an estate sale.