Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2001 Royal Rookies


So I got this pack of 2001 Royal Rookies in a re-pack box and thought that it might make for a fun open for the blog. I couldn't have been more wrong (or right depending on what your criteria is).

32 Brian Wolfe

37 Ryan Drese

28 Jesus Feliciano

HY-02 Bret Prinz - High Yield

NNO Special Offer Filler Card



So according to the wrapper I was supposed to get 6 cards in this pack. For those of you counting along at home I got a grand total of four cards in the pack. That wouldn't be so bad if I even remotely got something good in the pack. The best card in my opinion was the special offer filler card, because at least that had the name of a real major league player on the card (Jake Peavy). Well if you think this pack was Hall of Shame worthy please vote it in and put it where it belongs.


Ethan said...

These are the worst baseball cards ever made.

--David said...

Wow, dude, you got served...

night owl said...

Drese pitched for the team that used to play in the city I live in. So that makes me, um, semi-interested.

Todd Uncommon said...

This may be the only place in recorded history where "blue chip" and "Wilson Betemit" are used together.

At least until Wilson posts a Netflix review on that old Shaq movie.

Jason Presley said...

Wow, not only are they minor league cards, but they're UNLICENSED minor league cards! They must have blown their entire budget on photoshopping out all the logos and team names.

kylecar18 said...

Wilson Betemit!
He currently plays either as dh or third base for the Baltimore Orioles.