Saturday, May 30, 2009

1994 Fleer Ultra Series 1

There's no price tag on this pack, so I'm not sure how much I paid for this pack. I'm hoping it was only 50 cents. I'm a sucker for anything with full bleed photos, though, so it should be good no matter what.

290 - Mike Jackson

93 - Wade Boggs (A great photo that probably makes the Red Sox fans sad or angry. And that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.)

48 - Paul Sorrento (Sorrento used to play for my hometown Portland Beavers before making it with the Twins. This must have come after a deal or signing with Cleveland after the Beavers left town.)

213 - Brett Butler (He was a good bunter.)

258 - Danny Miceli

115 - Bobby Witt

175 - John Roper (One of several semi-notable John Ropers.)

233 - Rondell White

37 - Kirk McCaskill

1 - Jeffrey Hammonds

157 - John Smoltz (Pretty good picture of a determined Smoltz.)

80 - Dave Nilsson (Do you think Dave is getting into the game tonight. My guess is no.)

242 - Kim Batiste

135 - Pat Borders

263 - Kevin Young

12 of 25 - Robby Thompson Award Winners (I don't really like the Giants, but I'm sure someone would be happy about pulling this card.)

The wrapper promised 17 cards, but I only ended up with 16. Where is my Gary Redus card???

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