Thursday, May 07, 2009

2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects (Hobby)

For my next trick, I took one of the low hanging fruits for this project. Something reasonably current, a pack of 2008 Bowman Draft Baseball.

The Bowman product is really watered down these days, as basically there are no real Rookie Cards anymore.

That said, I'm still a sucker for Bowman.

Here goes. Let's see if I get any actual RCs in this pack.

#BDP42 Jamie D'Antona "RC" - 0 for 1 (2003 Bowman Chrome)
Looking at the stats, this guy can actually hit a little. Too bad he'll be doing it with the Yakult Swallows this year.

#BDP4 Burke Badenhop - 0 for 2 (2007 Bowman Chrome)
Decent numbers in the minors, currently in the Marlins' system.

#BDPP31 Christian Friedrich - 0 for 3 (I was told specifically that this couldn't actually be an RC... or could it?)
Rockies first round pick, decent college numbers.

#BDPP25 Christian Vazquez - 0 for 4 (Please see above)
Red Sox 9th rounder, 2nd guy named Christian from this pack.

#BDP16 Nick Evans Chrome "RC" - 1 for 5 (Wow!)
A real rookie card. Color me impressed. Currently in AAA with the Mets.

#BDPP23 Jeremy Beckham Chrome - 1 for 6 
I think this guy is supposed to be good. He can always fall back on his soccer career or his former Spice Girl wife, if baseball doesn't pan out.

#BDPP59 Scott Green Gold Parallel - 1 for 7 (Parallels can't be RCs and all that jazz)
Tigers 3rd round pick, who's already had Tommy John surgery. Currently a closer in the Tigers' system.

I wonder if these will have some collectible value 50 years from now, because everyone throws them away?

So, there you go. Bowman, the home of the rookie card, gave me exactly one. Kudos to the MLBPA and Topps for making this rookie card thing so simple for everyone.

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