Thursday, May 07, 2009

1988 Fleer

Greetings everyone. Here's my first post on this wonderful new blog.

If you've followed my other sites you'll know that my collecting days began in 1988 and I've set out on a project to complete the four major sets from that year. With Score under my belt, I thought I'd try to tackle Fleer.

When the box arrived this morning and I cut open the wrapper (yes, it was still in shrink wrap, so no pack searchers here!) a realization struck: "I've never opened a pack of this stuff in my life." To this day I remember what a pack of '88 Score, Topps and Donruss look like, but I'd never seen these nice deep blue wrappers before.

I struggled with my camera for about ten minutes, but couldn't get rid of the greenish tint, sorry.

What do we get here? Fifteen cards, plus one sticker card.

This should be fun.

Pack 1
245 Ted Power
627 Game Closers (John Franco, Steve Bedrosian)
450 Jeff Heathcook
409 Ray Searage
416 Brian Dayett
169 Paul Molitor
542 Glenn Hubbard
379 Mike Moore
91 Bob Melvin
69 Pat Sheridan
587 Stan Jefferson
568 Tom Niedenfuer
520 Ken Howell
277 Mike Davis
199 Mitch Webster

Score set the bar pretty high in terms of photography in the late 80s, and while this Fleer set doesn't quite measure up, it is a notch or two above Topps and Donruss.

There's a nice assortment of action shots and classic posed shots in this set. There are some boring shots, but that's pretty hard to avoid.

When opening a pack of junk wax there are a few things I always look for. I'll deem a pack successful if it has one of the following: a Hall of Famer, a player that I really like or an old Expos uniform.

This pack did pretty well for itself.

The Hall of Famer.

The old school Expos uniform.

And just for good measure, some gigantic, 1980s glasses, and some spiffy wrist bands.

One last thing before I leave you. The sticker.

Pirates and Blue Jays logos. On the reverse, an old shot of what's now known as Angel Stadium of Anaheim (why oh why can't they just be called the California Angels again).

And there you have it. 1988 Fleer. If you liked what you saw here, please visit 1988 Fleer to see the rest of the box break.

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