Sunday, September 15, 2019

Score 1988 Major League Baseball

A big thank you goes out to Matt F. for kindly replying to my e-mail ,In which I expressed my interest In writing for  "A Pack To Be Named Later." I've been a fan of the site for a while now and the fact that I've been given the opportunity to contribute truly Is an honor! Maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to be mentioned In the same breath as Fuji,Night Owl or Nick from Dime Boxes but for now,please excuse my total lack of  writing ability. So with that out of the way, I now present to you - Score 1988 Major League Baseball.

Ya gotta love that packaging! As tamper-proof as It gets. 

Ahhh check out that Beckett Baseball Card Monthly offer on the pack back.

Doesn't "photo quality" depend on the quality of the camera? I would think so.In any case,your getting decent quality shots of  players In action. Here's what I pulled .... 

"Eck" as the face card works for me. I was a huge A's fan in the 80's  and Dennis Eckersley was always a favorite of mine. I may have done permanent damage to my right arm trying to imitate his delivery as a kid. 

"The Hit-Man" ! It was nice to see  Don Mattingly just two cards into the pack.

"The Big Cat" or "El Gran Gato" Is a player I like to collect. Particularly In his Expos uni.

The rest of the pack kind of fizzled out ,Dave Henderson excluded, but the overall experience of opening a pack and posting about It In real-time was a fun one!

Again,many thanks to Matt F. and the rest of the "A Pack To Be Named Later" community. Looking forward to posting again!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

1993-94 NBA Hoops Series II

It's College Football Saturday, so why not check out a really old pack of basketball cards?! NBA Hoops was celebrating their fifth anniversary at this point, but had already been acquired by rival SkyBox. I might have actually paid a buck for this.

397 - Harvey Grant - The Blazers brought over Horace Grant's younger brother to be one of their big pieces after a few solid seasons with Washington as part of what was the slow dismantling of their great teams of the early '90s.

361 - Matt Geiger - Full color backs! I always appreciated the college stats on the back. With Panini now, we're lucky if we get any stats at all.

344 - Eric Riley - Not a memorable name to me.

420 - Checklist #2 - Alright, a checklist! Series 2 usually means rookies and a few random guys that changed teams recently, along with some subsets. David Robinson is lurking in the background here.

330 - Greg Anderson - Hey, it's Cadillac Anderson.

355 - Kurt Rambis - Sort of a cult hero because he wore glasses, I guess? Is Chris Sabo the Kurt Rambis of baseball (or maybe Eric Sogard?)

365 - Dan Schayes - Danny wears short shorts.

349 - Ken Williams 5th Anniversary - A one-per-pack parallel has this gold 5th anniversary seal on it. Pretty cool.

392 - Joe Kleine - Kleine was one of several big guys of somewhat limited utility who ended up with a ring with the Bulls.

319 - Bobby Phills - Phills died in the middle of his NBA career while street racing or something, and you can barely see him here, which is too bad.

HS25 - Shawn Kemp Scoops - Kemp is about to do something here. There's a bunch of Sonics trivia on the back. Remember the Sonics? David Stern remembers.

360 - Willie Burton - Is Burton about to dunk, lay it in or get rim-checked?

HS4 - Scottie Pippen Scoops - I'm not really buying into these.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

1995 Studio Baseball

I've been an avid reader of APTBNL for some time now and have longed to share my pack
experiences — thanks Matt for the opportunity!

I picked up this pack of 1995 Studio a few months back at a coin shop.
The first thing I noticed was the price: $1.79. It's a bummer that packs today
aren't that cheap anymore for the same amount of cards (5).

Anyways, Studio was produced by Donruss/Leaf and its inaugural issue was in 1991.
The set was released every year thereafter but unfortunately took a break in
1999 and 2000 due to the Pinnacle bankruptcy.

What made Studio an interesting brand was that the base set always featured portrait shots
which accentuated the player's personality. The backs often contained candid info on the player.
For example, the reverse side of the '92 Frank Thomas issue tells us that the Big Hurt
"…Once worked in a textile mill." Here's a look at the other Studio releases from the 90's:
(click the image to see it in a larger format)

The '95 design switched gears by utilizing some action photography and many players
were looking off-camera. Not to mention the horizontal layout. To me, this set loses some
of the personal touch that the other Studio releases had. Up close information was removed
from this issue and replaced with career stats and player notes.

Design wise, it didn't contain a dual photo front but instead brought in a credit card theme.
Packs featured 5 cards. Let's take a look at who I got:

Larry Walker

I like the large National League emblem in the background.
The hologram with the team logo is a nice touch.

Al Martin

Lenny Dykstra

Reggie Sanders

Each pack also contained a "Plastic Insert Card"  — this was usually a gold parallel
of the base card, playing off of a Gold Card theme.

Our gold is…. Neon Deon!

Here's the flip side — I like how they carried it through with the sig on the back:

Studio also released a "Platinum" parallel, inserted at 1:10 packs. I always wanted to pull
one of these back in the day but never did. I picked up an A-Rod platinum last December
from my buddy Harold. It's the same card as the gold version, just with a silver background
and somewhat of a sparkly shine. Perhaps I should throw this one in my wallet. Not only
would I have a platinum "credit card," but one that features A-Rod's namesake.

Take that to the bank:

I thought these were executed quite well at the time, and definitely have that "You'd see it in
the 90's but the concept would never fly today" vibe. The lack of insert variety diminishes the chase
value of this release, but it's still one of the most simple, yet unique base sets of the 90's.

What do you think?

Monday, September 09, 2019

50 Assorted New York Mets Cards

Took me a month to finally post this. I picked this up during my New York trip which included a game between Mets vs Nationals which Mets won. I will split this by year and card company.
1981 Topps: Claudell Washington, Frank Taveras
1982 Topps: Craig Swan
1985 Topps: Tim Foli - became journeyman player
1986 Topps Traded: Kevin Mitchell
1986 KayBee Toys: Ron Darling - odd ball card
1987 Donruss: Darryl Strawberry - highlights card of Straw being Player of the Month
1987 Topps: Dave Magadan - no All-Star but had 15 year career
1988 Donruss: Ron Darling, Gary Carter - Darling gets DK card. The Kid have one of best smiles in baseball.
1988 Topps: Keith Hernandez - fielding a grounder
1988 Fleer: Keith Hernandez (gloss), Barry Lyons, Roger McDowell, Gene Walter (gloss) - two of the cards from glossy set
1988 Score: Tim Teufel
1989 Topps: Ron Darling, Wally Backman, Keith Miller
1989 Fleer: Mookie Wilson
1989 Donruss: Darryl Strawberry
1989 Score: Kevin McReynolds, Gregg Jefferies
1989 Fleer: Darryl Strawberry (League Stadouts), Gregg Jefferies
1990 Score: Keith Hernandez, Mark Carreon
1990 Topps: evin McReynolds, Kevin Elster - I'm thinking both shots taken at the same game
1990 Donruss: Julio Machado, Howard Johnson, Randy Myers - Machado lasted three years in the league before spending years in prison
1991 Swell Baseball Greats: Bud Harrelson - another oddball card and one I never heard of before
1991 Topps: Julio Valera
1991 Fleer: Tim Teufel
1991 Donruss: Charlie O'Brien
1991 Score: Kevin Elster
1992 Score: Vince Coleman - Vincent Van Go was a Met
1992 Donruss: Doug Simons
1992 Fleer Ultra: Willie Randolph - his final season of his playing career before getting into coaching and managing which included three and half season stint as manager of Mets.
1992 Classic Four Sport: Chris Roberts - didn't make it to the majors peaking at AAA
1993 Topps: Pat Howell - his only year in the majors
1993 Fleer: Willie Randolph - Fleer likes taking photos at Wrigley
1993 Donruss - Joe Vitko - his only time in the majors
1993 Pinnacle: Bret Saberhagen
1994 Triple Play: Joe Orsulak
1994 Leaf: Todd Hundley - about throw em out
1995 Upper Deck SP: Bill Pulsipher - to me, will always be Mets big ifs along with Paul Wilson and Jason Isringhausen
2003 Fleer Tradition: Mike Piazza - the card of the front of the pack

As usual with these random packs of late 80s and early 90s stuff.