Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Panini Prestige football

How about another 2014 Panini NFL card release. Yesterday was Elite. Let's look at Prestige today.

Oh boy! Johnny F#&@ING Football again! And the same shopped image from yesterday's pack.

Way better color than yesterday's cards. I like the bright colors and the subtle team logo behind the player. Too much frigging foil as usual and that bar at the bottom seems useless. Understated logo in the upper right and team name upper left. Could have used a bigger font.

Can you read the name? I certainly can't. How about a white font with foil outlining or something?

Colors that scream Florida. Big mistake dumping their old logo and ditching most of the orange. Horrible shop job on the helmet.

Something nice and old school about team numbers on the front of the helmet. Talking about you too, Pittsburgh.

Some rookie insert. It's as foil-y as the scan makes it appear. This is a parallel base with the red foil.

Same rookie insert as above. Silver foil is the regular base card. Nice orange helmet for a Bills player.

I don't think these uniforms will ever grow on me. Yes - they scream Seattle with the bright green. But they still look like something a college puts out to get kids excited to play there.

Hey Carolina - ditch the teal. Flipping one card over.

Blah blah blah blah blah no comment.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Panini Elite Football

The NFL is back. As another season starts, we have offerings from the card companies. Panini has the exclusive players association license for the NFL. How another company can produce NFL cards without any players photos should be interesting, unless the NFL just grants the full licensing agreement to them. But, since 2014 is still an open field for cards, let's check out a Panini release.

MORE MANZEL PLEASE! Geez - I hated the guy already, and now all we get is this backup QB everywhere we look. Anyway, 5 cards. Let's have at it.

Standard Elite look, which is a silver foil background. They look better in person than the scan shows, but not by much. It's an overused look by Panini.

There are a few different backgrounds on each card. That is a heck of a name - Jerricho Cotchery.

Here is the front and back of an insert card from the pack. Brady in the front of the card, with foil.

Eli, also known as the Manning with more Super Bowl rings. Though no scientist can explain how he has even one.

Didn't this guy predict a touchdown on his first run of the 2014 season? And how did he do?

"(14:57) A.Peterson right guard to MIN 17 for 7 yards (J.Laurinaitis)."

90 yards short. And he was tackled by a WWE wrestler. And the back?

Card design must be the easiest job at Panini. Same basic template for every card back.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

1992 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Series 1

Bought pack of these during my weekend finds. The set split in 3 series 300 cards each making it 900 card set. We complain about Topps adding 20 more cards to their set next year.

All Stadium Club packs come with Club Membership card. Who was a member? cards...
282 - Lonnie Smith - quickly a homerun because of the photography on the card. It's from Game 4 of 1991 World Series of Smith getting thrown out of the plate despite bowling Brian Harper over.
117 - B.J. Surhoff - photo of Surhoff trying throw out a runner at second with a cameo of Ken Griffey, Jr.
240 - Juan Gonzalez
258 - Bob Tewksbury - back of pitcher's card chart the pitches he used in three categories.
248 - Walt Weiss
136 - John Burkett - wearing classic New York Giants retro jersey
12 - Jeff Montgomery
229 - Brent Mayne
146 - Scott Bradley - tagging Brady Anderson out
100 - Barry Larkin - Hall of Famer
127 - Calvin Jones - played two years in the majors
161 - Chris Hoiles
288 - Scott Bullett - had four stints in the majors playing til 2006
292 - Brett Butler
242 - Luis Mercedes - three stints in the majors

Packs of series 2 and 3 coming up soon.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

1991 Pro Set Football Series 1

NFL season is here and time rip packs. Let's go back to the early 90s with 1991 Pro Set football. The pack contains WLAF (which became NFL Europe) subset. I will list those as WLAF.

No Pro Set football pack is complete with these scratch off win cards. You can get points to redeem and purchase items from their free gazette. I did sub to them when they were around.

 WLAF 1 - Barcelona Dragons - played from 1991-1992 and 1995-2003 going to four World Bowls winning only once. Team folded after 2003 season.

WLAF 2 - Birmingham Fire - went to playoffs in their only two seasons in the league before folding.

WLAF 32 - Greg Gilbert - played two season in the league. Never made on NFL field.

398 - Carl Lee - All NFC team card illustrated by Merv Corning

362 - Dale Hamer - even referees got their own cards. Time hone up penalty signals.
23 - Chuck Noll -  celebrating the late legendary coach reach to 200 wins.

356 - Gerald Austin

45 - Marcus Allen - Pro Set sure goes all out on who's who in the game and the awards they won

191 - Howie Long - ready to here his pre and post game analysis.

249 - Ken O'Brien - one of QBs drafted in the first round of infamous 1983 draft. He happen to be one of players that made me long suffering Jets fan. While he was no Elway and Marino he can sure throw.

214 - Richmond Webb

156 - Don Majkowski - The Majik man was starting QB before injuries gave way to Brett Favre era

193 - Jay Schroeder - former 1st round pick of MLB draft his baseball career never got going. Switched to NFL where he had moderate success.

76 - Kent Hull - anchor of offensive line that open holes up for Thurman Thomas.

100 - Kevin Butler

89 - Jeff Wright

80 - Nate Odomes

Ready for some football?