Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017-18 Panini NBA Stickers

Another season, and another packet of NBA stickers. It's not like you weren't expecting me to post this at some point, weren't you? You weren't.

349 - Gregg Popovich - We kick off the season with... a coach! I am pretty sure that not every head coach is represented in the sticker album, but I guess Pop isn't just any coach.

113 - Tyler Johnson - Johnson is in his 4th season as a Miami Heat reserve guard.

296 - Rajon Rondo - Rondo continues his parade around the league with the New Orleans Pelicans this season. Will he last the season?

273 - Memphis Grizzlies - No one is terrible excited about these team logo stickers, but it's an interesting touch that they put the year the franchise was established on them.

236 - P.J. Tucker

404 - Rockets / Thunder NBA Playoffs First Round - Does anyone remember this series? These are two of my least favorite teams, so I am pretty sure I didn't watch much of this.

172 - Serge Ibaka - Ibaka is from the Republic of the Congo. He has also blocked a lot of shots in his career.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2017 Topps Baseball Update

It's been three weeks since MLB season ended with Houston Astros World Series victory over the Dodgers. Topps Update been out for over a month. Let's rip.....
US122 - Yu Darvish and Nori Aoki - both Japanese players ended up on different teams before the season ended. Yu went to Dodgers in a trade and bombed badly in the World Series. (BTW thanks Yu for helping Astros win game 3 and 7) Aoki got traded to Blue Jays and DFA'd a month later. He ended up with the Mets and released before the World Series ended.
US79 - Nick Goody
US68 - Jered Weaver - a decade with Angels he sigend with Padres. He retired before the card was released.
US242 - Mike Hauschild - another card of a player no longer with the team. He was rule 5 draft where pitched 4 games in April before getting sent back to original team (Astros) by end of the month. He spent the year in AAA Fresno.
US225 - Andrew Benintendi - was one of hot rookies of this year. This card mention about his MLB debut from last year.
US258 - Francis Martes - got Astros player! Didn't play in the postseason but still an Astros player.
USS-47 Andrew McCutchen - Topps salute insert card
US19 - Eric Skoglund
US69 - Alex Avila
US77 - Mike Moustakas - first All-Star card in this pack.
US90 - Derek Fisher - WHOO! A member of the World Series champions Astros. He scored the winning run in the bottom of 10th to end a wild game 5 of the World Series.
US41 - Mitch Haniger - this one mention about his debut game from last year. Funny thing he played for Mariners this year.

While this pack contains three cards of players no longer with the team. One I understand since they changed teams on the trade deadline. One they decide give him a card because he played in April before getting returned and being in the minors. One they use last year's game photo despite no longer with the team. At least I wasn't bombarded with All-Star cards like I seen from the packs.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

1995 Edge Judge Dredd The Epics Cards

This is a follow on post to the previous Judge Dredd The Movie Collector's Card post.  This 90-card set features artwork only and Edge must have considered my feedback since I was disappointed that The Movie card set didn't have any writing or descriptions on the back....this set does which adds some nice little trivia to the cards.  There are also some special cards we need to chase here.....EdgeTech Dark Judges 1:19 packs, Movie Preview 1:15 packs, Black Death 1:350 packs, Legends 1:10 packs and Sleep of the Just 1:4 packs.  The Black Death cards fetch a pretty penny on eBay.  Anyway, let's bust into this pack and let the judging begin....

It makes me want to go read the comic books now.  Anyone ever read them?

Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 Panini Diamond Kings

Along with reviving the Donruss name, Panini took over the Diamond Kings brand and made into something entirely their own. It doesn't in any way resemble the classic '80s Donruss Diamond Kings subsets nor the separate '00s Diamond Kings sets. These sets are entirely their own things, and they're not terrible (licensing issues aside). I just wish they used a different name.

76 - Khris Davis - Like the similarly named Chris Davis, Khris is a high power/high strikeout guy. And so is Chris Carter. They're all kinds of confusing.

33 - Stan Musial - Hooray for Stan! I think we've probably seen this photo before, however. I mean, there are probably only so many usable photos of players like Musial from his playing days, and I know we really don't need to see a card of Stan The Man Eating Breakfast or anything. (FYI, none of these "paintings" are actual artwork, they're just "digitally enhanced" photos.)

116 - Jonathan Villar - Here's a look at the back. It's not bad, but there are no stats. The picture is essentially what was used to create the "art" on the front of the card, before all of the digital craziness. Villar killed me in fantasy baseball this year, by the way.

135 - Joe Musgrove - Rookies get a bit of a different design. Musgrove spent some time in the rotation this season but pitched out of the bullpen in Houston's postseason run to the top.

18 - Joe DiMaggio Red Framed (30/99) - Here's the clear highlight of the pack. I'm a sucker for framed cards. Here is something that was actually carried over from the mid-00's Diamond Kings years, although there are other sets and card companies who have pulled this off before.

DO-2 - Corey Kluber Originals - Kluber had another terrific season and picked up another Cy Young Award this week.

73 - Brian Dozier - Lack of license has robbed this perfectly reasonable player of his team identity. He may as well work mall security in Minnesota.

30 - Pee Wee Reese - Pee Wee completes the pack, as we throw it way back to the bygone Brooklyn Dodgers days.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017-18 Hoops

New basketball cards! Here's the latest installment of Panini's NBA Hoops line, which looks pretty much like all of the Hoops sets before it. The packaging features incredibly overrated Lakers rookie whatshisface, vying to be the new Sebastian Telfair.

65 - Hassan Whiteside - Rebounding machine.

37 - Avery Bradley - Bradley was an offseason acquisition, so he gets his new logo while pictured on his old team. This is much more preferable than using Photoshop, though it seems that would be nearly impossible to pull off with the nature of basketball photos.

1 - Joel Embiid - This guy is so talented that I hope someday we forget all about his lost seasons and minutes restrictions.

300 - Kobe Bryant Tribute - Panini dedicated the last 10 cards in the set to Kobe Bryant, which is just ridiculous. Let it go already! That's 10 players who were left out of the set. Feel free to name some players in the comments who were skipped for this set.

125 - Harrison Barnes Blue - The blue parallels are fairly common in these packs. I believe I ended up with more than a half dozen of them in my blaster.

197 - Danny Green - Here's a look at the familiar Panini Hoops card back.

221 - Kris Dunn - Dunn is a promising young player, but his new team is a disaster.

232 - Al-Farouq Aminu - It's not always evident by watching the Blazers play, but Aminu is their top defender. Their already shaky defense turns to an absolute wasteland whenever Aminu is out for stretches with an injury.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

1995 Edge Judge Dredd The Movie Collector's Cards

Judge Dredd was a pretty decent my standards of action movies that came out in 1995.  Sylvester Stallone was at his prime and his role in a comic-book-turned-movie was only natural.  I bought some of these Dredd cards off eBay and am pleasantly surprised by this pack.  I'm not usually a fan of cards that feature still frames from the actual movie, but this one does an okay job.  I am actually more excited about the art cards though.  The drawings are pretty cool and really look good on these cards.  My only complaint is the backs of the cards contain only pictures that when put together form a larger picture like a poster.  I wish they actually contained some words about the scene that was on the front, or some background on what the artwork depicted.  Oh well...

There are 82 cards in this set with 8 cards per pack.  Let's get this judgement party started.....

Card #36 - Mean Machine....a pretty badass baddie.

Card #51 - Isla Hayden....played by Joan Chen who surprisingly has a Bacon number of 2 according to The Oracle of Bacon (Joan and Robert Marshall starred together in Heaven and Earth.....Robert Marshall and Kevin Bacon starred together in JFK)

 Card #35 - Dredd and Mean....go get 'em Dredd....Why did you take your helmet off????!!!!  Follow the comic books man!

Card #53 - Janus Project ...say it 5 times really fast..  Dredd and this guy are brothers from another clone mother.

Card #4 - See??  Helmet still on.
 Card #79 - Rico - The Brother....
Card #27 - Mean Machine - His art is pretty sweet in the comics!

Card #68 - Project X....I am sure he is thinking "I am the Law"