Tuesday, June 27, 2017

1993 Upper Deck Denny's Grand Slam

Sometimes, people need to eat. What's wrong with getting a free prepacked baseball card with your meal? Nothing, that's what. A couple of week's ago, we took a look at 1992's offering. Here's a look at the following year.

20 - Juan Gonzalez - Juan Gone was much better known for his homer hitting prowess than his predecessor here. This time, there's plenty of border and a lot less hologram, which makes it easier to look at in a binder but is significantly less fun.

Again, no real stats to speak of, but you get a nice story. Gonzalez at the moment had the same number of career grand slams as Luis Polonia at this point. He would finish his career with 8 in total, while Polonia never hit another one.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Topps Archives Baseball Retail

It's been a while! Here's a pack of the 2017 Topps Archives offering. I usually buy a hobby box of Archives every year (if not more than one) but today we will try a retail rack pack.

 18 cards per pack. Autos are 1:36. Lets see what we got!
 A Yoenis Cespedes insert and a mix of 1982 and 1992 style cards.
Here we have some cards in the 1960 Topps Style, along with another 1992 and one of the Rookie Star inserts.
Sorry for the darkness on this one. Scanner isn't working so stuck with poorly lit photo. I swear it isn't a knock on Andrew Miller for leaving the sox.
And a lucky 1:36 autograph pull with Jays legend Dave Stieb. As with all of the Archives Fan Favorites offerings it is an on-card signature.

1969 Fleer Official Stop Stamps

This pack comes to us from the 1969 Fleer Official Stop Stamps collection. Each pack comes with 18 stamps telling people what to STOP. There are 101 stamps in the set. The wrapper is very 60's, looking like a Good-n-Plenty box, if you know what that is (all pink, black, and white).

Some of the stamps just say STOP with no additional directive, but most feature things like "You Rat," "Stupid," and even "36-26-36." The last is a reference to the hourglass shape women were expected to have back in the day. Talk about your "locker room" talk. Yikes.

 Each pack also has a "SUMMONS" card upon which one was to place one of the stamps and hand out to someone:

Monday, June 19, 2017

1991 Impel Marvel Universe

I don't know much about comic books and super heroes, so I can't say too much about these cards.

I had some of the card from the 1990 series.  There were a few kids in my class collecting them and I had to get in on it.  I remember that the cards everyone wanted that year were the Ghost Rider base and any of the holograms.  Did anyone collect these 1991 cards?  Which cards were all the kids after?  Leave your comments below!

1991 Impel Marvel Universe pack
1991 Impel Marvel Universe #42 Rogue

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #42 Rogue (back)
1991 Impel Marvel Universe #78 Nebula

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #114 Avengers vs Ultron

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #45 Silver Surfer

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #132 Punisher's Arsenal

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #81 Kang

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #27 Havok

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #154 X-Factor

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #82 Blackout

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #46 Storm

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #136 Dr. Octopus's Arms

1991 Impel Marvel Universe #64 Mojo

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

2017 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day Pack

I went to my local hobby store the other day and he had a selection of packs for $1 with funds raised going to a local charity.  So I picked up a couple packs each pack contains 5 cards plus a checklist with the complete 19 cards listed with the set including America's Rookies, Stars In Stripes & American Icon.  Here is what I received in the first pack.

2017 UD National Hockey Card Day Pack

Advert on one side of Checklist

Set Checklist

Dylan Larkin 

Zach Werenski

Bill Guerin

Joe Pavelski
 And the best card in the pack was this rookie guy for Toronto!

Auston Matthews

Card Back of Auston Matthews

Saturday, June 17, 2017

2016 Panini Donruss Football Cello

I went to the NFL Draft in Philly and Panini had a both they were handing out these packs.  The clear Cello that contained 4 cards one was an advertisement to sign up for the Panini Gridiron collecting App and then 3 real cards 2 of which were the regular Donruss set and the last was from the insert set 1987 Classics Set.  Here are the 4 cards in my pack.
1) Panini Gridiron App Advert.
2) A.J. Green # 62.
3) Ezekiel Ansah # 101.
4) Joe Montana Classics Set 1987 # 7.

2016 Panini Donruss Card Fronts

2016 Panini Donruss Card Backs

1968 Fleer Baseball Iron-Ons

Today, we have a pack of 1968 Fleer Iron-ons! Each pack contains three (more or less) iron-ons featuring logos and team names. The wrapper is all late 60's/70's goodness: wax paper where the wax itself served as the closure. And, check out the design and graphics. Those are all 60's/70's right there!

Opening the pack reveals a strip of three (in my case) iron-ons: The Angels, the Indians, and the Yankees. The Angels features the team logo while the Indians and Yankees are done in text. Yes, you read that correctly: I pulled a freaking Indians iron-on! WAHOO!!

The red stains you see are from the gum that was fused to the back of the iron-ons. It bled through a bit, but with some careful prying, I managed to get it off. Nothing quite like 50-year old gum...

In addition to the gum and transfers, a rigid card with instructions helped collectors figure out what to do with these things. Sorry, Fleer. This one goes directly into my personal collection...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Platinum

The NHL season ended on Sunday night, with (Spoiler alert!) the Pittsburgh Penguins defeating the Nashville Predators to take home the second consecutive, and 5th overall, Stanley Cup for the franchise. It was my first season as an NHL fan, but I got hooked very quickly and the 2017-18 season can't come soon enough! (Personally, I wanted the Predators to win, because how cool would it have been to have a first time champion in my first season?)

To commemorate my first season, I decided to open a pack of O-Pee-Chee Platinum from a blaster I had purchased last month. As is my usual tactic, I don't open every pack as soon as I get it but save them to spread out the fun.

First up was #135, Ducks star Corey Perry...
Next was an Ice Blue Traxx parallel, #29, Shane Gostisbehere of the Flyers. This is my first time seeing one of these Ice Blue Traxx in person and they are really nice! Far nicer than they appear in scans.

An insert shows up next, from the very large Retro insert. At 100 cards, this insert set is half the size of the base set, which is only 200 cards. This is #R-45 and features Derek Stepan of the New York Rangers.
Finally, we conclude with another base card, #82 of Rick Nash, also of the Rangers. Hey, I'm happy with that, as the Rangers have taken an early lead as my favorite team. (Although, like the NBA which I've been following for more than 20 years, I collect and watch every team)
Here's a card back, just for completionist sake.
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