Thursday, January 19, 2017

1990-91 Pro Set Series II Hockey

Kind of surprised to see that neither series of Pro Set hockey from 1990-91 was on here yet. I just got into hockey and picked up a couple packs.
This set is in the early lead for my favorite hockey set. I love the size of the checklist and the bright colors, which are team color coded.

For series II you get 15 cards, and here we go!
#499 Tony Horacek
I had some cards from this set already and did not scan the duplicates. So you can still see what they look like, I will give you a link to them on the Trading Card Database.
#466 Jean-Jacques Daigneault
#586 Winnipeg Jets Team History I really like this subset. Finishing it is a goal of mine, I have about half now, though many need an upgrade.
#513 Shawn Anderson
#482 Brad Dalgarno
#541 Dave Reid
#636 Mats Sundin
#628 Dennis Vial
#531  Lucien DeBlois

#543 Dave Capuano
#504 Jay Caulfield
#455 Scott Bjugstad
#666 Rick Ley
#702 Mark Vines
#453 Carey Wilson
Here's what the card backs look like. They have a standardized format but they use team colors. The text box on the right is usually gray or blue.
The back of the pack advertises a Pro Set hat, which is probably significantly rarer than any of the cards in this set.

Thanks for reading an expect to see a lot more hockey coming from me soon! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016-17 Panini Prizm NBA

Continuing my journey through this season's batch of Panini releases, here's a pack of their shiny candy that I'm finding its temptations harder and harder to resist.

114 - Skal Labissiere - Um, Skal? Buh?

214 - Jared Sullinger - Well, that's marginally better. At least I've heard of this guy.

282 - Kevin Durant Green Prizm - Ah, this is the second time I've pulled a green Prizm Durant card. It must be my thing.

35 - Richard Jefferson - At age 36, Jefferson is a role player, but it must have been a thrill to win a title in his 15th NBA season.

Here's a glimpse at the back of his card.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 Panini Optic Football

I always thought the Prizm was Panini's answer to Topps Chrome, but since Panini can't seem to come up with anything original anymore it had to follow Topps' formula and come out with a "chrome" version of one of it's regular sets.  And that of course is it's Donruss sets.

Like Chrome you get 4 cards per pack.  I stopped by my LCS to pick up a few supplies, peruse the dime boxes and drop board and since this was the cheapest football on the shelves picked up a couple packs of Optic.  Sorry for the crappy photos my scanner is packed away.

It's nice when you get a card for your team set.   This is the Aqua "refractor" parallel #/299.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Bowman's Best

Bowman's Best may not be considered a high end product in the strictest sense, but when you're someone who balks at spending more than three dollars or anything, this is the sweetest plum. This was part of my December Loot Locker purchase.

62 - Felix Hernandez - This is one of your standard prospects + vets sets that typical come out under the Bowman brand name. This was the only vet in the bunch.

TP-30 - Alex Reyes Top Prospects - One of the most exciting young players in the Cardinals organization. I was happy to add this to my collection.

TP-33 - Jose DeLeon - Not the strikeout thrower that used to pitch for St. Louis in the '90s. This one was born in the '90s.

SL-AJ - Aaron Judge Stat Lines - Each card comes in an Atomic Refractor parallel version, including the inserts like this one. This isn't an Atomic one, though, but it is shiny.

TP-19 - Ian Anderson Top Prospects - And we close things out with another Top Prospect.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

2016-17 Panini Donruss NBA

Here's a new-ish pack of cards from the current NBA season. Panini is really milking their 1990 Donruss inspired design for all its worth. A similar look will be used for the 2017 baseball set as well.

185 - Demetrius Jackson - Here's a D-Leaguer doing a thing with the ball. All of the rookie photos are studio shots as usual.

181 - Patrick McCaw - Another rook.

44 - Kemba Walker - On to the action shots. All of the cards have team color influenced borders, but they also have some sort of bronzish goldish lean to them as well.

2 - Jahil Okafor - Panini went away from the classic horizontal Donruss card backs here in favor of minimal stats, a blurb, no photo and a lot of dead space. Definitely my least favorite thing about these cards.

7 - Khris Middleton - Underrated player who plays for a team that doesn't get noticed a lot.

65 - Julius Randle

23 - Marcus Smart - Currently locked in a frosted hair battle with the Trail Blazers Allen Crabbe.

24 - Magic Johnson Hall Kings - Insert alert! While the base cards are fairly thick and glossy, these Hall Kings (along with Court Kings) are just like this past year's Diamond Kings baseball set.

135 - Stephen Curry - This is the first time in five years that Curry's mouthguard hasn't been hanging out of his mouth.

131 - Damian Lillard - Dame, a hero to everyone.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

2013 Topps Magic

I purchased an 8 pack box at a local show today for $6. The following is the best pack in the box.  

The first card was a rookie Kenbrell Thompkins was Tom Brady favorite target for about a month.

Next card I will show last as it was the hit of the box.  The third card was an Aerial Attack Russell Wilson which are stated at 1:4 packs

The Fourth card was a base mini of Maurice Jones-Drew of which there is a mini in every pack.

Fifth card is a rookie Tyler Bray.

The final card was a Rookie Tyrann Mathieu.

Here is an example of the backs and the difference in size of regular and the mini's.

As for the Hit it was a base Autograph of Seattle Seahawk Safety Earl Thomas odds stated as 1:25 packs. So not a bad pack as included 3 rookies 1 Aerial Attack 1 mini and the Autograph. As for the rest of the box it wasn't bad as I also received 3 not base mini's which were Green 1:8 , Black 1:16 & Blue 1:48, another Aerial Attack 1:4, Ground & Pound 1:6, Rookie Enchantment 1:6. So was happy with the purchase.