Sunday, February 07, 2016

2005 Topps Football


Hope everyone is having a good weekend and is ready for the Super Bowl.  I don't have a horse in the race, I just hope it's a fun game to watch.  And they have good commercials.  Anyway, since there's no need for me to watch the 20+ hours of pregame, it's time to see what a pack of football cards looked like 10 years's a pack of 2005 Topps Football!

As you can tell, the 2005 set celebrated Topps' 50th year producing football cards.  With Panini taking over next year, I hope you all enjoyed their 2015 offering.  Let's see what I got:

#237 - Brett Favre
#391 - Mike Patterson (RC)
#375 - DeMarcus Ware (RC)
#425 - Ryan Moats (RC)

My July 2011 Beckett Football magazine (which has Cam Newton on the cover, by the way) says this is a 440 card set, with cards 361-440 reserved for the rookies.  Who had a rookie card in this set?  Frank Gore, Heath Miller, and Favre's replacement, that's who.

#381 - J.R. Russell (RC)
#398 - Matt Roth (RC)
#225 - Jimmy Smith
#437 - Roddy White (RC)

That's an awful lot of unused space in this design.  Too much white border.  And the "Topps Football 50th Anniversary" script at the top is unnecessary, given the larger than usual 50th anniversary logo.

#403 - Bryant McFadden (RC)
#238 - Dennis Northcutt
#332 - Peyton Manning (All-Pro)
#30 - Chris Baker

That was a lot of RCs in that pack.  Overall, not a bad pack to pull at the time.  Here are the backs:

Hope you enjoyed the career stats, but you're not seeing them next year.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Have a great week everyone, and thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

2011-12 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey

When I am about to post here at APTBNL, I always make one final search to be sure I am not posting a duplicate pack. That's not to say I won't put up another copy, if I feel the pack is strong. But if it qualifies for the "we rip everything" mantra, I hate to waste a post on a pack that has already had its day in the sun.

That being said, here is a pack where we have posted all the years but this pack I am about to scan, if I understand the time frame of the set.

Black Diamond if a low to mid end set from Upper Deck. The gimmick of the set is the diamond patterns on the card. The more diamonds, the rarer the print. Kind of like the special symbols on Magic and Pokemon cards. BD cards, though, tend to scan like hell. Five cards in a pack, with hits available. As you can see, you are looking for triple and quad diamonds.

As I said - scans like hell. You can barely see the diamonds at the lower left. You certainly cannot see the player name. I don't have the card handy, but I believe this is Tyler Ennis. The background behind the player is textured hash makes, as Black Diamond has been in other years. The marks change directon to help with the feeling of shadows behind the player. You either love or hate BD. I lean to hate.

The off center doesn't work with this set at all. Completely unbalanced. Val Filppula here.

Still just single diamonds on Ryan Clowe.

Andrei Markov. The hash marks changing directon do help a bit on the card, but this is a set I just cannot get into. And not just because it's so hard to read. Maybe because of the diamond gimmick.

There are old timers in this set, but I didn't pull any. My last card is Loui Eriksson.

Different photo on the back at least. I do believe you get full career stats on the back. Also, you can see the diamond level on the back as well. A full pack of single diamonds - couldn't do any worse, unless is was a Red Wings hot pack.

Friday, February 05, 2016

2015 Score football

Good timing on Random to select a football back a couple says before the big game. And that is the last time I am referring to it as the big game, cuz it's the frigging Super Bowl. The NFL and all their lawyers can suck it - I am calling it what it is.

Tony Romo gets the cover. At least it's not Manziel. Some break from frat boy's face on everything from Panini. 12 cards in the pack and there are autos and relics, but they are tough pulls falling at one in a hobby box. You have your usual colored parallels and 29 image variation cards available.

So Bowman Score football has some decent action shots. The layout, though, with the white bars on the side for team and position cuts into the image. Then the have the color blocks at the bottom with the players name all foiled up. Team logo at the top. I have seen worse, but this design has too many design elements.

You can't quite tell yet, but the blocks at the bottom do match up with team colors.

See? And you can finally tell where the foil is - borders on the Score logo, which is far too large, and on the diagonal lines/triangles at the bottom. Player name is full foil, though.

The white bars on the side do focus your eyes on the player, but it makes the card style feel clunky. Probably just me and my jaded view of the world.

First (of many) inserts, this being Playmakers. Hard to tell, but this is a die cut, The whole left side that is black is actually a piece of paper I placed behind when I scanned. Interesting die cut, but not too sure the reasoning.

Sophomore Selections is a unique idea for an insert set. This is a green parallel of the card. Green and purple do not go well together.

Rookie card. I am not sure if all the rookies show in there college colors, but Flowers here does.

As does Shaq.

And Mr. Brown. Ok - I'm going to say that rookies are in their college uniforms.

Team Leaders insert set. Wow - that is a lot to cram on a card. I wonder what one of these would look like if you got all four pictured players to autograph it.

If you are counting, then yes - this was the 12th card in the pack. I don't know if I was actually shorted, or if Panini REALLY thinks a damn ad code card counts as one of the cards in the pack. I would like to think I am shorted. Otherwise, I think we have a law suit.

Back of the actual base cards. Recycled image, though I do like that the biography of the player floats over the image. That's a nice look that isn't used enough in cards. And the boxes in the upper right of the previous year's stats is nice. One of the better backs for Panini, even if you are only getting one year and then a career total at the bottom. Trust me.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

2016 Topps Baseball Series 1 Retail

 I know that retail has been showing up for days now, but I was heartbroken when I went to my local trade night and they hadn't gotten their Series 1 in yet.  I was hoping to snag a couple Jumbo packs, but I ended up just picking up 7 retail packs on the way home.  Sadly what you are about to look at is the best of those 7.
Let's look at the base.

 So nice horizontal cards in the set too.  I'm not going to go into what I like or dislike, I'll leave that for a post over at Collector's Crack.

 Here are the rest of the base cards.  From just a casual look you might notice that the team logo slash appears on both sides of the card throughout the set.  I'm not sure if it's random or if there's an a reason to it, but it's not based on league or position and it doesn't appear to be number specific, but I only have a small sampling so it might be that cards 1-100 are right slashed and 100-200 are left slashed.  Something like that.  I'm sure someone will figure it out, but I haven't as of writing this.  Feel free to chime in.

 I did say this was my best pack.  It's not based on the players pulled, but more on the number of insert I got in this pack.  Three to be exact.  Let's have a look. First up is a Wacky Packages preview sticker

 I also snagged a Walk-Off Wins Jose Abreu

 And lastly probably the most interesting insert so far this year  Perspectives.  It kind of reminds me of the TV show Fringe.  Did anyone watch that?  Just how the show had these cool labels mixed in with the show when they were telling you where the action was taking place or time or whatever.

There you go.  There are still a bunch of inserts not shown.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids - American as Apple Pie in Your Face!

Another year another Garbage Pail Kids set.  This one has a really long title.  I must be behind because I'm not sure when Topps just started printing the card numbers on the back.  There are a ton of sub-sets and parallels to chase.  I got 3 base cards 84 cards to the set, 42 a and b cards.  The backs just have the set the card belongs too in a gigantic font, I guess that's one way to fill up the back as easily as possible.  You can see the full checklist here.

First sub set is this America's Pastimes.

Then there's the U.S> Summer Olym-Picks

The American Icon set

The Americana Devolved set...

American Inventor set...

America Swept Under the Rug set...

So out of the pack I got three cards for the base set, 6 insert set cards and this one color border parallel.  According to the wrapper this is suppose to be the Pee parallel (1:4) ewwww.  I think it's also retail exclusive.