Saturday, July 26, 2014

2009 Upper Deck Series 1


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  I'm too lazy to scan new packs in (I'm also too lazy to do much anything else), so I continue to clear out the scanned folder on my computer.  Here's a pack of 2009 Upper Deck Series 1!

Our regular readers will quickly realize that this set has been featured on this site already.  Our not-so-regular readers will roll their eyes at this repack staple.  Anyway, Madding beat me to the punch with this set, but I spent the time to scan it and type up the player list, so I might as well post it.  Here's what I got:

#50 – Julio Lugo
#15 – Adam Dunn
#78 – Nick Swisher
#153 – Lance Berkman
#132 – Marcus Thames
#195 – Matt Kemp

I like the design of the set, with the above-average Upper Deck photography.  However, with the Berkman, Thames, and Kemp cards back-to-back-to-back, we're approaching 2014 Topps redundancy territory.

#403 – Jonathon Niese (RC)
#457 – Team Leaders:  Dodgers
#157 – President of South Africa (Upper Deck 20th Anniversary)
Not Pictured –
#481 – Brandon Phillips (Checklist)
#265 – Johnny Damon
#250 – Johan Santana

Johan signed with Baltimore back in March.  I had no idea this happened, and I'd like to think I follow the game pretty closely.  It's sad to see injuries take it's toll on (at the time) one of the premiere pitchers in the game.

#267 – Hideki Matsui
#233 – Jason Kubel
#353 – Todd Wellemeyer
#387 – Alex Rios
#370 – Eric Hinske
#380 – Vicente Padilla (back)

Not a bad pack if it was 2009.  Anyway, that's all for now.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 21, 2014

2006 Upper Deck Series 2 Fat Pack


Hope everyone's doing alright.  Time for another quick post from yet another set we've all seen before.  It's a 2006 Upper Deck Series 2 Fat Pack!

But it was on clearance!
This is the 5th (?!?!?) 2006 Upper Deck pack posted on the site, excluding the Update.  I didn't scan every card I got, probably because you all know what they look like.  I did scan the 2 exclusive All-Time Legends cards though:

Top Half

#594 – Danny Ardoin
#538 – David Riske
#546 – Bob Howry
#685 – Bill Mueller
#609 – Todd Jones
#697 – Luis Rodriguez
#758 – Ryan Doumit
#702 – Carlos Delgado
#782 – Scott Linebrink
#801 – Jose Lopez
#825 – Mark Hendrickson
#897 – Ivan Rodriguez (Checklist)
#995 – Saul Rivera (RC)
#971 – Casey Janssen (RC)
#947 – Paul Maholm (RC)
#ATL-17 – Carlton Fisk (All Time Legends)

Bottom Half

#506 – Johnny Estrada
#586 – Jason Davis
#530 – Ed Rogers (RC)
#601 – Mike DeJean
#673 – Olmedo Saenz
#617 – Alfredo Amezaga
#704 – Chris Woodward
#766 – Victor Santos
#710 – Julio Franco
#847 – John McDonald
#879 – Carl Crawford (Checklist)
#857 – Alfonso Soriano
#954 – Kenji Johjima (RC)
#930 – Mike Jacobs (RC)
#906 – Nick Markakis (RC)
#ATL-10 – Mike Schmidt (All Time Legends)

Wow, didn't realize all the fronts I scanned had a catcher in his gear on them.  I know I scanned the back of the Franco card just so we can bask in the 21 years of service.  Here's the fronts and backs of the inserts:

Anyway, that's the pack.  More later...thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2013-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond

Get out the foil for Upper Deck Black Diamond set. This 250 card set is split up in four ways: single diamond (1-100), dual diamond (101-150), triple diamond (151-200); quad diamond (201-250). With five cards in pack going be a while to finish this set.

 64 - Shawn Horcoff - the cards are foil on the front listing name, team, position, and a diamond. This is single diamond card. Back show the stats along with team logo. Despite wearing Oilers threads the card mention when he was traded to Dallas Stars.

 89 - Craig Anderson - single diamond card. I somehow got decent scan of this card.

LAK-DD - Drew Doughty - double diamond jersey card of Drew Doughty, one of hottest defensemen in the league. He was a total monster in the playoffs this year resulting Kings hoisting Stanley Cup trophy.

218 - Patrick Kane - quad diamond card of Patrick Kane in All-Star jersey. One of top stars in the NHL recently got rewarded with a 8-year, $84 million contract to remain with Blackhawks.

34 - Ryan Suter - playing with a big 13 year $98 million contract he signed in 2012.

30 - Shea Weber  - whoa! Extra card in this pack. Three-time All-Star is one of excellent two-way defenseman to play on ice.

Excellent pack with impressive pull

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2013 Upper Deck USA Football

Let's say you are sitting around a conference table, deciding how to put out a football release. You aren't allowed to produce cards with current NFL players, but you want something fresh and different. In your brain storming sessions, some mentions how a rival company has a product with up and coming prospects in MLB, and there isn't something like that for the sport of football. It seems like such a grand idea that you run full on into the product.

However, you forget that the important thing is to make the cards look good.

I warn you ahead of time - this will not be pretty. Luckily, just the 5 cards in the pack. Turn back now, for you cannot unsee what you will see.

I have no idea what someone was thinking. I think there are just the two countries of USA and Canada, when it comes to these cards in the set. From the looks of the uniforms, I think the photos are from some type of Senior Bowl or East-West game or something. I have no idea who anyone else, so I won't even comment on the players on the cardboard.


Players from Team USA. The U-16 squad. Is this some American football version of the U-16 World Cup, or Junior hockey or something?

There's other aged teams too.

I think the design was thrown together in about 15 minutes. Oh Upper Deck, how far you have fallen.

The last two scans in the folder. There - we're done.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter (retail)

Let's set a record here at APTBNL - posting a pack on the product's release date. I found this year's A&G at a Target last night. I bought a blaster and a 3 pack hanger. Let's scan a pack and all have the joy of ripping a pack on the first day of availability.

Standard ol' timey pack image. Well, except for the MLB logo on it. But we see Mr. Allen (or is it Mr. Ginter) ready to serve up what I am certain is a very doctored pitch. Look at that face - he cheats on his taxes. Six cards in the retail packs.

One of the 6 is a mini. Right off the bat - THANK YOU!!! It's a newer Feller image. The front has far more words than in past releases, but not as busy as the 2009 offering. Very swirly. The font color is goldish bronze. Overall, I like this release better than last year.

The usual appearance of retired players. Unlike the Feller, I think we have seen this before. Then again, it is Maddux - the guy was a machine.

As opposed to the younger Feller, we have Mr. Brett later in his career. I wonder if they shopped out the pin tar?

The only active MLBer in the pack.

Of the 11 packs I ripped, only two did not have an insert. Insert sets are always well done with A&G. Pastime's Pastime, Festivals & Fair's, Air Supremacy, CO¿NC?DENCE - great as always. In fact - here's a bonus scan. I will admit, as a Sox fan, this is a pretty card....

....for the world's largest bar. Back to the pack.

And the fun of A&G - non-MLBers. While I rail about the sameness of the backs of the Panini releases.

The same back year after year with A&G always makes me feel comfortable, like I just ate a nice homemade pot roast with potatoes. I had a bonus card in this pack.

There is the front and back of the code breaker ad card. Who solved 2013? Anyone?

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

2006 Topps Series 2 Rack Pack


Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend.  Let's put a quick one up tonight.  Time to clean out the scanned pictures folder a's a rack pack of 2006 Topps Series 2!

This is the 6th (!?!?!?!) pack of 2006 on the site, not counting the Update series.  A couple of years ago, Madding posted a Series 2 rack pack in a different configuration.  This one has 18 cards and 3 vintage (aka junk wax) cards that were ever so much popular to include in packs back in the day.   Let's see what we got:

Top Section:
#505 – Jason Schmidt
#510 – J.D. Drew (back)
#615 – Arizona Diamondbacks
#494 – Kip Wells
#539 – Juan Rincon
#508 – Danny Haren
#530 – Carlos Guillen

Back in 2006, you could call Dan Haren Danny.  These days, we still refer to Kip Wells as, er, Kip...or does he go by Robert now since he's out of baseball?

Middle Section (covered in an extra wrapper to protect those vintage cards):
#544 – Mark Bellhorn
#501 – Emil Brown
#TP-JT – Jim Thome (Trading Places)
#MHR46 – Mickey Mantle Home Run History
No# - Sluggers Fantasy Baseball card (not pictured)
1989 Topps #724 – Jerry Don Gleaton
1989 Topps #509 – Bud Black
1989 Topps #627 – Greg Harris
Checklist 3 of 3
No# - Work Hard, Get Cards (not pictured)

It's real 1989 Topps cards!  And real late '80s mustaches!

Bottom Section:
#549 – Erik Bedard
#486 – Wily Mo Pena
#453 – Daniel Cabrera
#648 – Brothers Orlando
#512 – Eric Milton
#526 – Ryan Wagner
#450 – Derrek Lee

Anyway, that's the pack.  Hopefully we can close the book on 2006 Topps.  More later...thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup

Well, if the timing is correct, and the game didn't go into two 15 OTs and the PK shootout (which sucks - bring back the golden goal), the Belguim/US game should have just ended. I have bought a few packs of Panini's WC release, and meant to post one of the packs sooner, but life. Let's just get the cards up, shall we?

As with their other Prizm releases, the pack is all silver. Six cards per pack. There are sticker autos in the product, but pretty rare pulls - one every other box in a case if I heard correctly. No auto going to be posted, but we have 6 other cards to look at.

Standard Prizm-ish background. At least, with the uniforms and the licensing, the cards look far better than Panini's MLB releases. The basic design is a bit...cluttered. At least the name is easy to read. Upper left is the official logo for the World Cup in Brazil. Upper right is the respective badge of the national team's federation. Pay attention to that corner later in this pack.

The set is made up from players of the 32 countries that made the finals of the WC. Images are of the players in their respective country's kits, though not specifically the kits worn in Brazil.

Prime example of an older jersey. This is the Dutch kit from 2013. Not as nice as what they have worn this year. Though, my personal fave is this.

Each pack comes with one of many insert cards from the set. Here is the set focusing on the keepers. Ochoa was nothing but a wall against Brazil. Most people would find the Mexico-Brazil game that ended 0-0 to be a complete bore. Trust me - one of the best games of the tourney so far.

Yeah, I picked the only pack that had the only US card I have pulled to this point. I prefer these uniforms over the bomb pop kits we are wearing this year.

Final card is Chelsea/English defender Ashley Cole. Remember my comment about the federation logos? Check out this card. That is NOT the crest for the England football association. It should look like this:

Topps, however, has the licensing to English football, so Panini could only use the English flag on the cards, as well as photoshopping out the badge from the jersey.  So this release is 97% licensed. Card backs?

Panini template rear design. No player stats - just data about the player and a paragraph about him. BTW - if you guessed the back of that Ochoa Guardians card has an image recycle, you win a cookie.


2013 Panini Triple Play

Here's a little late night pack delight. This pack comes to us courtesy of the Dollar Tree, where nothing good happens after 9:00 PM. Oh, I did pay for the pack. I swear. I also picked up a little black container to keep all of my pens in that hopefully won't stick me with any sharp metal edges.

70 - Matt Cain - After scoring a minor hit with Triple Play in 2012, Panini changed things up a little bit and used some... different... artists. This particular card makes Cain look like one of the characters from the TV show China, IL. I'll let you guess which one.

1 - Aaron Hill - The backs are still, you know, Panini with a little whimsy. I'm guessing there must be some sort of game you can play with these, since Hill's card declares a HOME RUN for no discernible reason.

89 - Bryce Harper - This looks more like the artist from the previous year's set. If they were going to do a true cartoon Harper, however, well... the guy is already too much of a cartoon in real life as it is, I guess.

9 - Matt Wieters - Wieters doesn't have any Topps cards apparently, which might make this exciting for someone who likes the guy if it were actually a picture of Matt Wieters and not a drawing.

57 - Robinson Cano - A clearly distraught Cano finally got his wish and got out of New York and got PAID.

16 - Kevin Youkilis - Something isn't right about this.

26 - Brett Lawrie Sticker - Unlike most Dollar Tree packs, which are a mere shell of the product they're trying to sell you on, the only difference in 2012 was that they left out any chance of pulling the nondescript memorabilia cards. All other inserts were in play. I'm not sure if they continued the weird faceless relics in 2013, but according to the wrapper you could pull all sorts of inserts and cards from the expanded (probably short printed) set. Now, compare that to the $1 packs of Topps where you get 5 base cards and only base cards, and you can see why someone might think these are okay. I'm just not quite sure I'm a Triple Play guy, though.