Thursday, June 21, 2018

1992 Pacific Major (Indoor) Soccer League

World Cup is going on in Russia and look what I picked up at the local card shop. I love the junk wax era. Major Indoor Soccer League started in 1978. They would change their name to Major Soccer League in 1990. By 1992 it was all over as the league would fold after the season. MISL would come back in 2008 lasting to 2014. There are 12 cards in this pack. Only player I heard of was Tatu from Dallas Sidekicks because he was profiled on Sports Illustrated Kids magazine way back then along with a card.
126 - Greg Muhr - good photo shots with player's name, team, and position. Back listed with games, goals, assists, points, penalty in minutes (I wonder what the rules are for the league), and game winning goals. I wish they would put a team logo on it. Despite showing 1990 it meant to be 1990-91 season.
140 - Gregg Willin
16 - Victor Nogueira - San Diego Sockers was the most dominant team in league history going to 8 MISL championships and winning 7 of them. The team won the last five championships before the league folded. The goalie was MVP in 1989 season along goalkeeper on the year three times.
12 - Gary Heale - lead the team in total points with 72
44 - Brad Smith
59 - Tim Wittman - Baltimore Blast is the only original team to play entire MISL 14 year existence but here's a catch. The team played in Houston in MISL inaugural season before moving to Baltimore the following season.
36 - Todd Strobeck
81 - Doc Lawson - last player from inaugural season to play ending his career after the 1990-91 season.
94 - Jan Goosens - one of top players in MISL. It was end of the road for Comets as they folded after 1990-91 season despite being one of teams of MISL inaugural season.
125 - Mark Frederickson
150 - Otto Orf - Cleveland Crunch finish the season on top of their division with with 29-23 record. Orf was at losing end of it with 13 losses and 4 wins.

Is indoor/arena soccer still a thing or the outdoors stadium style game taken over it? Who's watching the World Cup?

Monday, June 18, 2018

2017-18 Panini Essentials Value Pack

The NBA Draft is this week, which feels like a weird thing to say because the Finals just concluded. Panini keeps rolling out more NBA releases no matter what the calendar says. Here's a new one I just discovered.

EL-15 - Reggie Miller Essential Legends - The inserts and parallels were bunched up at the beginning of the pack, which is strange. They are all thicker than the base cards.

ES-10 - Karl-Anthony Towns Essential Stars - One of the bright young stars of the league.

154 - Kristaps Porzingis Orange - This is, I believe, a one per pack retail parallel which is also thicker than the base cards. Porzingis is probably hoping the Knicks will get him some help in the draft.

148 - Dirk Nowitzki - Here's what the base looks like. It's a pretty intense design, but I kind of like it.

147 - Pau Gasol - Here's a look at the back design. Like Dirk before him, Pau is another longtime veteran big man.

146 - Spencer Dinwiddie - Like the rest of the later Panini releases in this year's calendar, the cards show off the new Nike jerseys. It looks like they missed a few letters in 'Brooklyn'.

145 - Joel Embiid - I really like Embiid, but I'm not totally sure why.

144 - E'Twaun Moore

143 - Antonio Blakeney - I have no idea who Blakeney is, but he's a rookie and I didn't watch much of the Bulls this season. They're starting to turn into the Bucks, pre-Giannis days, to me.

60 - Stephen Curry - We all know this guy.

59 - John Wall

58 - Kyle Collinsworth - Another rook that I haven't heard of.

56 - Kyrie Irving - Irving carried the Celtics this season, got hurt, and then they carried on just fine without him.

57 - George Hill

55 - Elfrid Payton - I was happy to hear that Payton finally got this thing cut off his head recently.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018 Topps Series 1 Miller Park Giveaway


Hope everyone is doing well.  Back on Monday, The Wifey, the boys, and my mother in law took my father in law to General Mitchell International Airport; he was flying out of Milwaukee for a conference in New Jersey.  I didn't find out until the day after that while I was working and sleeping (preparing for the overnight working), after the gang dropped him off at the airport, they all decided to catch the Cubs - Brewers game at Miller Park.  Lucky them.

They didn't stay the whole game (my mother in law has a thing about leaving early if it's a blowout or if she gets worried about traffic), which is unfortunate for them.  However, they did enjoy rooting for the Cubbies among the Brew Crew fans.

While I was given their game recap, I was told the boys were given baseball cards when they got into the park.  I checked online later and didn't see that it was on the Brewers' official promotional list.  They gave me the cards so that I could post them for all to's 2 promo packs of 2018 Topps Series 1!

They stayed til after the Sausage Race...the Chorizo won.
They were each given a clear package of 4 Topps Series 1 cards as well as a promo card for Topps Now and the upcoming National Baseball Card Day.  Here's what they got:

#40 - Carlos Santana
#346 - Max Scherzer (League Leaders)

As you can see, these are regular cards, nothing fancy about them.  I was kinda bummed about that, hoping they got some sort of Stadium exclusive release or something.

#231 - Joe Mauer
#144 - Jean Segura

The Mariners are in first place!

Here's pack two:

#164 - Adeiny Hechavarria
#20 - Chris Sale

#64 - Giancarlo Stanton (League Leaders)
#36 - Anthony Rendon

The Marlins aren't in first place!

Here are some backs, as well as the front and back of the promo card:

Anyway, those are the packs.  Series 2 was just released but APTBNL has kinda been going retro in recent months, so we're a little behind.  I should be rectifying that unless others beat me to it.  As always, thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

2015-16 Panini Excalibur

We have a local retail variety chain in Oregon that has a sports cards section. Occasionally that section has some interesting older packs, which is where I came to find these Excalibur packs from a couple of years ago at what I assume is a discounted price. The NBA season may have come to a close, but we can still open a pack or two around here.

37 - Al-Farouq Aminu - First up is a guy from my team. The Blazers found Aminu at an affordable price when they were attempting to rebuild, and he became an integral part of the team. He probably could technically be classified as a 3&D guy, but he's not a very conventional player.

75 - Jabari Parker - There's no photo on the backs of these cards, and very little room for stats. The Bucks logo is hypnotizing, and somewhat frightening. Fear the deer, indeed.

69 - Reggie Jackson - Mr. October.

64 - C.J. Miles - I would always get C.J. Miles and C.J. Watson confused, though I think the latter might be out of the league now.

65 - John Wall Crusade - These very swanky Crusade inserts are almost worth the price of the pack themselves. I'm not sure if the pattern here is supposed to be a camo look or Atari 2600. Maybe a little of both?

193 - Richaun Holmes - Holmes in a back-up center for the young Sixers squad. Does that make him officially part of The Process?

138 - Vince Carter - I hope Vince never retires.

135 - Chandler Parsons - And we end things with a nice throwback jersey. One of the things I dislike about the new Nike deal with the NBA is that most teams seem to have abandoned the throwback concept.

Friday, June 08, 2018

1991 Pacific I Love Lucy

For those too young to know, "I Love Lucy" was a beloved TV show back when it first aired in the 1950's. In 1991 (presumably for the 40th anniversary of the show's launch in 1951), Pacific and CBS created a 100-card set to commemorate the show's history.

The front of each card features a pink border. And, I do mean pink - like Pepto. There are hearts around each picture and the pink outer border is offset (inset?) by another border that's a darker pink with blue lines. The "I Love Lucy" heart logo from the show is feature in the lower corner of the card face. There is also a line or two of text which goes along with the featured image. The image is generally a still captured from the show and is shown in original black-and-white. Some images, though, are color.

The card above on the right is from the "lost" Christmas special which aired (in the colorized version shown) 62 years after the show's debut! Holy cow! (See what I did there? I tied in the other card's "moo-moo..." Okay, never mind.)

The middle image shows Lucy pretending to be a mannequin. I am particularly taken with the name of the store, as you might imagine (should you be scratching your head, it's my last name). I happen to also be enamored by the fact it features a scene from a fur store. You sure don't see many of those these days...

The card backs also feature a pink border with a darker pink/blue inset border. Inside the inner border, a drawn image of the cast takes up the top 3rd, roughly. There is a heart shape taking up the majority of the back. Inside the heart, information about the image featured on the front and/or tidbits about the show in general. At the bottom, the show's logo, the Pacific logo, the card number and copyright info.

You can find the complete checklist at TradingcardDB.