Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

In 2009 Upper Deck put out it's answer to Topps' popular Allen and Ginter, Goodwin Champions.  The 2009 set was pretty good, but since then Upper Deck has lost all it's major licenses except hockey, so the set has really become kind of a joke.  This year continues that trend.  There are some decent autograph subjects, but for the most part it's become what's the most ridiculous way we can portray our subjects

We get a whole 5 cards per pack so hold on to your hats.

First up old timey Hall of Famer John McGraw portrayed as a gangster.

Next up is Tony Hawk.  And believe it or not doing what Tony Hawk does.  Not a bad card at all, but then I don't think there's a skateboarding license so....

Another Hall of Famer in a different sport with the type of ball he use to play his sport with.  Wow.

 I also got a short print with another Hall of Famer doing nothing he is in his Hall of Famer for. Bill Russell looks more like a philosopher than a basketball player.

I also pulled a Goudey insert. These cards fall about 1 in 5.  Ivan Stewart was a race car driver.  He too belongs to a couple Hall of Fames and is not doing anything close to what he did to get into them.

There you go.  5 cards.  This probably would be a fun box to break if it was closer in price to Score than Allen and Ginter.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

1994 O-Pee-Chee baseball

Ramdomizer went for the wayback machine today, selecting a pack of 1994 OPC baseball. Now, by this time, OPC had stopped using the Topps template and developed it's own design. Here is the 4th year they did things on their own.

As was the case back in the 90's, you got a crapload of cards in a pack. 14 this time around. So much green. Pay attention to some of the special notations on the pack:

* 1 special insert
* Blue Jays
* Diamond Dynamos
* Redemption cards

No idea, besides the whole Canadian angle, they would single out Blue Jays. It's not like '94 was their first year. And I am not sure what you could have gotten via redemption. Maybe I scanned something about that. Let's go.

Boom! White Sox right out of the pack. Full bleed design, just as they billed. Got the French position on the front like the English. Newer O-Pee-Chee logo (so trendy). Design it not too bad. Not really liking the team name in that bar on the left, but the rest doesn't detract from the image, which is the whole reason for the card.

No shock the team name color changes to match the team colors. I guess the northern neighbors can't take all that space between the last name and the position designation. The padding of that area is not too distracting, but I would have gone with a more muted color.

Maybe just a little too close on the images. That is about my only gripe. Going to just blow through the rest of the pack. My chatter is annoying, I bet.

Giants team name is unreadable on this card.

Bubble gum alert!

While the team name works much better on the horizontal cards, the bar at the bottom does not.

Man, Dave - Twinkie uniforms are not your style.

Listed first as an outfielder, but then a first baseman. Used a 1B image.

And nope, that is not a mistake. The collation in this pack sucked.


And card #14 was a checklist. My special insert?

My guess is this qualifies as the "Special Inset", except.....

The stupid thing is an ad to sell you a special gold edition. This is only special in that you make more money off me, OPC! Let's see some backs....

Full stats on the back. Always nice. That OPC logo in front of the card number. Not so nice. Here's the interesting thing:

Dave get the horizontal back because of his years in the big league. The standard back is this. Which is SUPER FRUSTRATING because the card numbers do not line up. Shame on you, OPC.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

2015 Panini Elite Baseball

 I was at Don's Sportcards yesterday here in Anchorage, Alaska and ended up picking up a few packs.  I grabbed two packs of Elite and for the life of me I couldn't decided which one to feature since both were pretty good, so I'm breaking the rules and making this a two pack break.

If you love the look of Elite base cards you'll love this set, because it looks like all the other Elite base cards from years past.
 Here's what the back looks like.

The first pack brought me this Back 2 Back Jacks insert, with Cano and Cruz.  This is by far my favorite themed insert set from Panini.  And it dates back to the early days of Donruss Elite.  Sadly this card would have looked so much better had Panini been able to use logos and team colors.  I also like I got two different types of relics in the card.

 Pack 2's base cards.
 A Kris Bryant insert.

 And a super low numbered David Price Purple Inspirations Die Cut parallal card!!

Overall not a back couple of packs.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

2009 Press Pass Wheels Main Event

Diving pack into the scan folder, we pull out a pack of Press Pass NASCAR. If I recall, I saw this in a bin at a dollar store, so I took the chance it was missing from APTBNL. Sure enough, it's missing now more. Shame that Press Pass no longer exists. I know a couple guys at my LCS that are huge NASCAR collectors, so it will cut into what they enjoy.

Sure, my scanner didn't pick up on this well, but it is a black pack after all. Dale Jr. gets the cover (doesn't he get damn near all, like Crosby does on NHL packs). When I ripped this, it was an interesting premise for a card set.

Yeah - wow! But that's not the part I mean by interesting premise. If you pick up the design as well as the insert name (yes, this is an insert - I think), the set is based of playing cards and gambling. You can see the suit cards on the logo in the upper left. Plus, those spade backgrounds are pretty hard to miss. This card plays of like a face card from a deck. Busy as all get up, but with the idea of the set being playing cards, a card like this is expected.

And here is the gambling part, with poker pro Phil Ivey being in a NASCAR set. Maybe it's just this set, but man - Press Pass loves it's scroll work foil. It's everywhere.

I'm taking a guess this is the base card. I really don't know. But you have the driver in some really washed out, over exposed B&W images, with his ride below in the same look. The "card" number is his car number. Don't forget more scroll work designs.

I'm not sure if the base design of the double suited is always a spade. At least the background colors change. I'm going to say that this insert set will always have two pictures - one with a cap on and one without. But what do I know?

THANKS GOODNESS!!!! As Panini Golden Age did a couple years later, Wheel Main Event does allow you to build an entire deck of playing cards. No idea the insert rate (I long tossed the wrapped), but this would be fun to complete.

Here is the back of the Double Suited cards. It's the only one I scanned. That's a lot to take in. You can see the back talks about two different paint schemes. So basically two advertisements for the price of one.

Friday, July 10, 2015

2011 Topps Attax

Here's another entry into the long line of attempted game/sports card hybrid market. It isn't missed. The latest thing Topps is doing is their Bunt app, which is far more frustrating than holding real oddball cards in your hand, so things can always be worse. I picked up a bunch of these packs for a quarter with the knowledge that team collectors I trade with could probably use a few of these weirdos.

134 - Kevin Youkilis - The Greek God of Walks had his time in the sun, but now that time is done.

216 - Junction Jack - Pour one out for Junction Jack, who was put out to pasture in favor of some weird green alien looking thing as the Astros are trying to get back to their cosmic roots with their move to the AL. I do like the Astros about a thousand times better now that they're out of the NL Central and Cardinals territory, but that's just me.

83 - Felix Hernandez - King Felix needs to be in the playoffs. One of these days he's going to rage quit baseball because of the Mariners perpetual suckitude.

126 - Josh Willingham

64 - Dan Uggla - Is it possible Uggla was merely impersonating a professional baseball player all along and people were just fooled for years?

159 - Miguel Tejada - I would remember the Miguel Tejada Giants era fondly if I could remember it at all.