Tuesday, November 05, 2019

1990-91 Skybox Basketball Series 2

The inaugural set of Skybox basketball was out of the world different. The set screamed 90s going artsy on the cardboard. It was hottest set at the time with packs selling for $1 when it came out. This is series 2 pack consisting of cards from 301-423 of the set with series 1 cards mixed in.
19 - Kevin McHale - keeping the ball away from the defender in front of artsy graphics on the background. Back of the card got him in his All-Star jersey.
319 - Matt Guokas - coach's reflects the season with motivation team thoughts
224 - Kevin Johnson
222 - Jeff Hornacek - the stripes to Suns colors. On the back of the card I can hear the announcer yell "Starting at guard...."
309 - Don Nelson
92 - John Salley - Spider Salley signing autographs
93 - Isiah Thomas - member of The Bad Boys Pistons
378 - T.R. Dunn - I never heard of him before
171 - Sam Mitchell
199 - Nick Anderson - laying it up. On the back the card he will have nightmares on shooting free throws at the finals
375 - Alex English - in a jersey than isn't a Nugget. This is so wrong
37 - B.J. Armstrong
50 - Brad Daugherty - still running NASCAR team. Named Ricky Stenhouse as his driver for next season.
50 - Rickey Green
158 - Jay Humphries

Saturday, November 02, 2019

2019 Topps Holiday Mega Box Baseball

 I'm a sucker for gimmicks.  And this year's Topps Holiday Baseball is full of gimmicks.  In fact there is no subtly in this set at all.  The base card design is full in your face..  I have a feeling this will be a set that you either lover or hate.  And personally I love it.  The holly border and inlay are bold and for some reason I love the way it looks.  The Mega Boxes are Wal-mart exclusives and come with 10 packs of 10 ish cards per pack.  There is one guaranteed hit in the box and I've cherry picked that pack for you to show off, but even without the hit this was one of the best packs.  Let's start off with the World Series winning phenom, who as Joe Buck would not let me forget can now legally drink in the US.
 I also like that the borders carry over to the back, and as usual the card numbering has a prefix.
 Here's the rest of the pack.

 Here is my hit.  Not bad.  I like the gimmicky relic cards too.

I didn't get a metallic snowflake parallel in this pack.  According to the odds they fall 1:2 packs and I think I did better than that.  It's hard to tell but this Correa is the parallel.

This year there are a ton of variations to chase and they come in 3 tiers.  I figured I'd show you the three SPs I pulled from my Mega Box.  The first SP tier is 1:7 packs.  I beat the odds and pulled two of the most common variations.  I'll let you see if you can see what Topps photoshopped in.

 I also beat the odds and pulled a Tier 2, or rare SP, or is it SSP?  Anyways this one's a little tougher to spot but Torres' card has snow falling photoshopped in.  These cards fall about 1:20 packs.  The super rare SPs fall 1:161, or maybe about one per case.  Beckett has a nice run down here.
I've already against my better judgement decided to put the base set together and will most likely buy at least one more Mega Box.  If you want to trade dupes let know!

Friday, October 25, 2019

2018-19 Import Dragon NHL Figurines Series 4

When Import Dragon taking pre-orders for MLB 2020 figures I took a visit to Clark Toys to check. The visit made me poke around the site and they got individual packs of last year's 2.5 NHL figurines on sale. I made a purchase few days ago and got it today. I remember picking one of them up while vacationing in Pittsburgh few years ago. You can re-visit the entry here. There are 36 figures in the set. You can use them to play NHL Figures League app.
Here's my pack. Let's see who I got.
It's a Blackhawks goalie! Cory Crawford not on the list so that means....
legend Ed Belfour. The figure is uncommon.
The figure comes with a disc card with app game stats. The part you scratch is the "bonus" ability of the game.
Here are the instructions on how to play.
Ed Belfour joins Henrik Zetterberg on the shelf as part of my collection