Tuesday, April 16, 2024

1991 Comic Images X-Force


Today, we have a pack of 1991 Comic Images X-Force cards. The set contains 90 base cards and there is an autograph chase card of Rob Liefield. 

The card fronts feature comic-style renditions of X-Force characters. The central image is surrounded in an outline border that resembles the X-Force logo. The outer edge of the cards are color-filled in different colors. Centered at the bottom of each card, in a different color than the filled border, the X-Force character name or caption appears.

The backs of the cards feature an uncolored border. Inside this border, a black stylized border surrounds an orange center area. At the top of this orange area, the "X-Force trading cards" logo appears. Below that, in black text is the card number and caption from the front. Below this, a paragraph gives context to the item featured on the front. Serving as a watermark in the orange area, a large head of  Cable (I believe that's who that is) leers out at the collector. At the bottom, copyright information appears.

The full checklist can be found below:


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