Saturday, April 13, 2024

1998 DuoCards Happy Days


Here we have a pack of 1998 DuoCards Happy Days. The set contains 72 regular cards. There are additional cards part of the overall set as well. There are 6 "The Fonz" cards (numbered 1-6), autograph cards from Marion Ross and Henry Winkler, 2 signed unopened boxes, and 2 promo cards.

The front of the cards feature full-color, bordeless stills from the show along with publicity stills.

The backs of the cards feature a "Category/Subset Name" along the left edge. Next to that, we have a small photo with the card number. Below the picture, the "Happy Days" insignia, the card caption, and copyright info. To the right of that, fun facts about the show, usually related to the person/people featured on the card.

The full checklist can be found here:


Fuji said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the checklist. I wasn't familiar with this set, but was very happy to see that the included a card of Arnold (Pat Morita).

Anonymous said...

You’re welcome! That site is a treasure trove of checklists!