Thursday, May 14, 2009

1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper

"I come home after work tonight,
my dear wife says, "It's another dang wax pack, I'm right!"
Oh, darling, dear,
I am the fortunate one,
the kids, they think they want gu-um,
oh the kids
just wanna eat gum...

The pack’s cards in middle are all stuck,
My children yell, “What you gonna do with those things?”
Oh, children, dear,
Cyndi used to be Number One,
And, kids,
They wanted the gu-um
Oh, the kids just wanna eat

That’s all they really wa-aaaa-ant,
Some guuu-uu-uum

When the pack post is done,
Oh, when the pack post on here is done,
Oh kids,
Kids, just wanna eat gum...

(I took a few liberties, and my apologies to Ms. Lauper)


Matt Runyon said...

So far this gets the award for "most creative post" in this blog.

Johngy said...


Matt Flaten said...

I've added this as our first entry into the A Pack To Be Named Later Hall of Fame!

--David said...

LOL, thanks! Is the pack the shame, or my awful rewording of the lyrics? :-)

--David said...

Oh, wait.. Hall of Fame... Thanks!!! That is way cool!