Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball

Look at that big-headed cheater right there on the wrapper. These things were marketed to children? For shame! Turkey Red has bad luck with cover-boys, as another dirty cheaters face is featured on the 2007 packaging.

No. 41 Coco Crisp

No. 6 Hal Chase Ad Back SP

No. 156 Paul LoDuca

No. 252 Larry Bigbie White Parallel

No. 94 Mark Buehrle

Hey! There's no name on this card! Luckily, I recognize a grinning cheater when I see one. This is another SP, No. 10 Sammy Sosa Ad Back

No. 281 Michael Bourn

No. 25 Johan Santana Checklist

Well, that's it. My first pack posted to A.P.T.B.N.L. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, here is what the back of the short prints look like, in case you didn't already know.


Anonymous said...

Remember the no-name-on-front Frank Thomas error from 1990 Topps?! Man, I wanted that card so bad, second only to Griffey's 89 UD rookie...

night owl said...

That pack's full of cheaters: Bigbie, Lo Duca, Sosa.

For shame Turkey Red, for shame.

Anonymous said...

Cheaters, plus Hal Chase, who threw games. Nice group of guys there.

Dinged Corners said...

The Santana skyline is neat.