Sunday, May 10, 2009

2003 Ban Dai SD Gundam Force Saga Card Game

Let me just say that is pack was without a doubt the most difficult to open I've ever experienced...and it's not just because I have a cold. This sucker was locked up tight and with no scissors in the immediate vicinity, I struggled and struggled without any progress being made...after I swear a good five minutes of trying to get a good grip, the pack finally relented and gave me the sweet, sweet confusing Japanese card game goodness...

Let me rate these cards on level of confusion and potential usefulness in the real world.

Captain Gundam SD Card

This card sends your opponents SD cards to their Discard Pile...I wish I could do that in real life 9/10.
Kujakumaru SD Card

Kujakumaru looks like some kind of robot ninja so that adds points but he/she is bright yellow so his/her stealth ability is way down...5/10

Gundam Force Triple Attack Mission Card

This card seems to be a truce card...peace is in right now...6/10.

Re-Equip Ring Mission Card

Confusing drawing...but we all need to be "re-equip"ed every once in a while don't we?...4/10.

Griffin The Sacred Beast SD Card

Anything that makes people reshuffle their cards is okay in my book. 7/10.

S.D.G. Assistant GM SD Card

I don't like robots in uniforms. 3/10.

Zako Soldier SD Card

One eye and one axe...sounds like fun...6/10.

Gum Gum Gun Weapon Card

Just when I think I'm getting a handle on this game, this card introduces me to something called The Target Grid with something designated A, C, G, and I...yikes. 2/10.

Film Actor Mission Card

Most confusing drawing yet...1/10.

Never, never again.

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--David said...

Your mission: To pluck the pacifier from the Baby's mouth with out being spotted by the big blue and white guy floating in the air! (Well, that'd be *MY* mission anyway)

What a confusing, mind-altering post... Thanks, I think! :-)