Saturday, May 23, 2009

1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan Texas Express

In 1991 Pacific Cards created a 100 card set honoring the Texas Express, Nolan Ryan. The cards came in these cool tinfoil type packs, that opened like a traditional wax pack. The foil packs haven't aged very well because the first card in every pack sticks to the foil and rips part of the image off of the card.

Each pack contains 12 cards honoring Noaln Ryan's various accomplishments in baseball. If I remember correctly there are even cards of him on his ranch and posing with his family. Back in 1991 this set was a fun one to collect, it didn't have any inserts but the card with his face all bloody was highly collectible and a highly traded card.
Here is the first card which is all scuffed up from being stuck to the wrapper
#85 - 18 Career Low-Hitters

#49 - Milestone Strikeouts

#15 - Nolan Sets a Met Record For Strikouts

The pack also included:

#62 -Ranger Club Record 16 Strikeouts

#93 - Ranger Battery Mates

#38 - "The Game's Greatest Power Pitcher"

#96 - A Day Off From Pitching

#18 - Picther New York Mets

#25 - Looking Back on #1

#57 - Nolan Enters The 1989 All-Star Game

#50 - Post Season Participant

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