Saturday, May 16, 2009

1990 Fleer

1990 Fleer

Fleer Action Stickers
Indians, Tigers, Royals, and Brewers (back when they were in the American League)

26: Damon Barryhill

35: Les Lancaster
61: Greg Litton
71: Pat Sheridan (damaged from the packaging)
123: Willie Wilson
142: Dan Petry
167: Benito Santiago

275: Wes Gardner
294: Jack Daugherty
318: Greg Brock
357: Spike Owen
This pack was so putrid I picked Spike Owen's card to scan simply because it shows the now defunct Montreal Expos logo...I miss the days of Montreal having a MLB team.
365: Rick Aguilera
540: Carlos Martinez
607: Tracy Jones

651: "Major League Prospects" Bobby Rose & Mike Hartley

571: Randy Ready

Oye, I don't think you could cherry pick sixteen worse cards... Of course, the pack claims to contain only 15 cards plus the sticker, so there is an extra card of crap...that's something I guess.


Matt Runyon said...


I was getting ready to post 1990 Fleer tomorrow. Oh well. I might have got a better pack than you did. Jeff Robinson
Erik Hanson
Joe Magrane
Ellis Burks
Ivan Calderon
Herm Winningham
Zane Smith
Scott Bankhead
Don Robinson
Dave Bergman
Mike Morgan
Craig Worthington
Ken Caminiti (much younger and smaller pre-steroids)
Dave Stewart
Lance Johnson

Nachos Grande said...

At least your pack has some guys that actually accomplished something in the big leagues...

Anonymous said...

If you lived in the Cincinnati area, you'd know what an annoying douche Tracy Jones is. He has an afternoon radio show on 700WLW. While I find all of terrestrial radio to be useless and annoying, Tracy's show is especially bad, almost embarrassing to listen. No talent as a player, no talent as a personality.