Thursday, May 21, 2009

1985 Donruss Baseball

After Robocop, WCW and Royal Rookies, I think it's time to get this bad boy back on track, with.....


Specifically, 1985 Donruss Baseball.

Each pack of '85 Donruss contained 15 cards, and a puzzle card, featuring 3 pieces of the Lou Gehrig puzzle. Black bordered and VERY thin, these cards are a condition nightmare, fresh out of the pack.

Let's dig in, and see if there is a Clemens or Puckett rookie in here!

First off, the pack: (Mmmmm, real wax....)
#647 Kurt Bevacqua & #395 Steve Crawford. Between the yellow and brown Padres colors (which I love) and the dual Magnum P.I. pornstaches, the only thing that could scream 80's more is to have the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop playing while watching Family Ties and drinking New Coke. Wait.... what?
#262 Jay Tibbs & #128 R.J. Reynolds (the tobacco magnate, right?)
#371 Bob Ojeda & #239 Gary Matthews (Sarge!)
#106 Rich Dauer & 583 Mark Huismann
Next up is the prize of my pack, a Cal Ripken, Jr. Diamond King (#14), in great shape!
#327 Andy Van Slyke (you remember him as a Cardinals 3B, right?) & #60 Nolan Ryan
Now's a good time to show the back of the cards. I liked that Donruss did full names, and contract status. I didn't like how they put only a few years of stats on there.#537 Dave Bergman & #646 Andy McGaffigan
#394 Marty Castillo & #42 Russ Stephans Rated Rookie. What in the hell is up with the Stephans card? A guy who no one has ever heard of (and as far as I can tell, never even made it to the majors), pictured in his Omaha Royals uni, who spells his name wrong. To top it off, the card has a big crease down the left hand side! This has to be one of the crappiest cards. Evar.
Lastly, the Gehrig puzzle card.

All in all, a fun little trip down memory lane.



night owl said...

One sweet set. That R.J. Reynolds card needs to be mine.

--David said...


I am purposely opening weird stuff on here so I can post my baseball wax on APAD. I'm glad to see folks posting baseball wax here, too!

Ethan said...

David, no worries. If we're going to open a pack of every product, we're going to have to open some of the odd stuff.

Night Owl, I'd be glad to send you the Reynolds. Can you send me an address (or post an email address) and we'll get the ball rolling...