Friday, May 15, 2009

1999 Bowman's Best

Tonight, I will contribute to this blog a pack of 1999 Bowman's Best. There will be a full review on my blog in the near future, but for now....

#144 - Fernando Seguignol, who seems to be doing well in Japan.

#108 - Chad Hermansen

#53 - Pedro Martinez

#38 - Eric Karros

You can probably tell by now that the veteran players have a gold background while the prospects have a silver background. Or maybe you can't because my scanner stinks.

#80 - Ken Griffey, Jr.

Finishing up the pack is our one-per-pack rookie card...

#169 - Alfonso Soriano RC

This was a pretty darn good pack. We had Griffey, Pedro, and a true rookie card of Alfonso Soriano! I hope all the packs in this box will be this good! Stay tuned for the break...

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