Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 Rittenhouse James Bond Archives: Final Edition

This is the final pack of my Saturday purchase from Triple Cards in Plano (TX).  They were at the counter and I love James Bond movies so I picked up a pack without knowing anything about them.  Much to my chagrin, I found out when I opened the pack that the set is for the Bond movie I feel is the worse one of all, Die Another Day.

I've only bought one box of the Rittenhouse James Bond cards in the past and I do like them.  Like a sports card release, autographs are the thing.  This product includes autographs from the late Roger Moore.  There are also parallels and inserts.  You can find more information on those here.

Rittenhouse has done a great job with the Bond cards. I love the front.  They leave it as simple as can be.  There is no unneeded text, logos or anything.  I wouldn't be unhappy if they even left the 007 off the front, but I'm not upset that it's there.  It's always out of the way and never takes away from the picture.

This would be a fantastic card to have signed, if one ever had the opportunity to have Pierce Brosnan sign.  I like the images like this (and the later one of Halle Berry) more than the actual action shots.

I hope that you enjoyed the look.  Perhaps I've inspired you to pick up a box of these.  I should do so myself.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage WWE

Another Topps WWE set and its the Heritage brand. Summerslam is coming up and there's bunch of inserts related to 30 years of the event. Here are the 9 cards
8 - Tommaso Ciampa - They used the iconic 87 Topps wood board design complete with logo of which brand they belong. Former NXT tag team champion with Johnny Gargano, he turned on him after the match at NXT Takeover: Chicago obliterating him. He's currently out and won't be back til next year due to torn ACL
15 - Bob Backlund - two-time former WWE World Heavyweight champion. He was managing Darren Young trying make him great. That's Mr. Bob Backlund to you.
29 - Mick Foley - former three time WWE World Heavyweight champion had role as RAW GM which he no longer holds and is currently out of the fed.
42 - Becky Lynch - one of four Horsewomen during her time at NXT, she's the first ever Smackdown Women champion
58 - The Miz - It's the former WWE World Heavyweight champion and current Intercontinental champion Miz who been on fire. Originally from Smackdown, he went to RAW during the roster shakedown which he continue draw ire on the mic and finding ways to keep the title.
24 (of 40) - John Cena Wins Tag Team Championship With The Miz - this is third series of John Cena tribute consisting cards 21 through 30. The one feature the time he won tag team titles with Miz on RAW.
20 - Steve Austin - this is Summerslam All-Stars insert set. Got one of my favorites of beer drinking and middle finger waving Texas Rattlesnake. This one from Summerslam 98 where he beat The Undertaker in the main event.
46 - Undertaker Defeats Brock Lesnar - this is 30 Years of Summerslam insert set. This one from 2015 main event in a very good match. It featured this laughing meme and Lesnar giving the middle finger to Undertaker while trapped in Hell's Gate.
37 - Randy Orton Defeats WWE Champion Sheamus - from Summerslam 2010 I don't remember the match. I do remember the main of Team WWE taking on The Nexus.

Who's ready for Summerslam?

2017-18 MVP Hockey Hobby Pack

The first product of the 2017-18 Hockey (card) season has hit shelves.  I don't understand how that happens when Upper Deck will still release more 2016-17 products, but what do it know?

MVP hockey is always the first release of the season and the most basic of all products.  There's not much to see, odds are long and players are likely not pictured with new teams.  The product typically holds no long-term value unless you hit a rookie redemption of a strong-selling rookie.

The price for the single pack that I purchased is too high for what the product is, but boxes can be had for around $40.

2017-18 MVP #194 Brandon Saad

2017-18 MVP #194 Brandon Saad (back)
The set has a very basic design and no foil.  The backs are clean and concise.  As mentioned, players are often not pictures with their current team.  Brandon Saad was traded back to the Chicago Blackhawks on June 23.
2017-18 MVP #61 Alex Killorn

2017-18 MVP #193 Jakob Silfverberg

2017-18 MVP #33 Martin Hanzal

2017-18 MVP #141 Tobias Rieder
I guess I'm not really sure if this is the front or back of the card.  The other side is the image below, but what appears as the front has the card number, information, etc.

2017-18 MVP #138 Mike Green

2017-18 MVP #146 Bryan Little

2017-18 MVP #34 Martin Jones
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Monday, August 14, 2017

1992 Topps Kids

At a time in our hobby when card companies were catering towards investors and shifting towards higher end products like Stadium Club and Ultra, Topps decided to produce a product marketed towards kids.  And it was marvelous...

The product was called Topps Kids, but sadly it only lasted one year.

Back in 1992, each pack sold for 35¢ and contained 7 Major League Baseball cards and one stick of bubble gum.  This was much more affordable compared to Topps' flagship product which had a suggested retail price of 55¢.

The back of the pack contains an ad for Topps Magazine along with the bubble gum ingredients.

The price wasn't the only difference between this product and their flagship product.  I thought it was cool that their marketing team decided to use a wax wrapper and include bubble gum for this product, since 1992 was the first year they complete dropped both of these items from their flagship product.

As soon as you open the pack, you can immediately see that the cards are designed for kids with the use of bright colors and cartoonish backgrounds.

The first card I pulled out of the pack was #8 Marquis Grissom:

Even the backs of the cards are colorful and fun.  At the very top is a comic that contained an interesting fact about the player featured on the card.

The middle section, known as the "Fun Box" contains word scrambles, baseball slang, baseball tips for kids, mini lessons on how to calculate baseball statistics, or even baseball card vocabulary.

At the bottom is a simplified, yet colorful version of the ballplayer's statistics.

Here's a look at the rest of my pack...

Did you know that Davis was born in Jamaica?

Did you know that Daniels had the 2nd highest on base percentage in the MLB from 1987 to 1991?

Did you know that Andy Van Slyke won four consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1988 to 1991?  Technically... he won five, because he took home another one in 1992.

Have you ever wondered how to calculate your own winning percentage as a pitcher?  Well... now you can!

Have you ever wanted to see Knoblauch drawn as a creepy baby with facial hair and a diaper?  Yup... Topps Kids has that too.

You'll also notice that there are several different card designs within this product.  My person favorite is the one with the cartoon dugout and the portrait shot of the player.  It kind of reminds me of the 1956 Topps and late 80's Topps Big card designs.

If you ever wish you could go back to a simpler time in our hobby, then this product is for you.  There are only 130 cards in this set with absolutely no inserts, parallels, or autographs for you to chase down.

Imagine being able to build a master set of an official MLB licensed trading card set for less than the price of a blaster.

I realize the this product isn't for everyone, but I was pleasantly pleased by this product.

What about you?  What are your thoughts?

Happy Monday and sayonara!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Topps Chrome Hobby Jumbo Pack

Yesterday I posted my pack of 2017 Baseball Card Day cards.  I wanted to spend the $10 to get the Mike Trout card (even though it will be selling for a quarter in about two weeks), so I picked up a pack of Topps Chrome to hit my $10 threshold.  Will I end up winning the card lottery and get an Aaron Judge before prices plummet?

To me, it's crazy to spend more than a dollar per card on something when the odds are that you will get all cards that should be in a dime box.  The things I do for the blog...

2017 Topps Chrome #113 Adam Wainwright 
2017 Topps Chrome #38 Brandon Drury

2017 Topps Chrome #62 Gregory Polanco

2017 Topps Chrome #50 Corey Seager

2017 Topps Chrome #3 Matt Holliday

2017 Topps Chrome 1987 Topps #87T13 Luke Weaver

2017 Topps Chrome Refractor #7 Jake Thompson

2017 Topps Chrome Freshman Flash #FF4 David Dahl

2017 Topps Chrome #14 Kenta Maeda

2017 Topps Chrome #135 Roman Quinn

2017 Topps Chrome #21 Yoenis Cespedes

2017 Topps Chrome #37 Jose Altuve

2017 Topps Chrome #17 Kyle Schwarber
The modern card lottery - sometimes you win, most of the time you lose.  I got my free Baseball card day pack and Mike Trout, so maybe that eases the hurt of spending $18 on this?  I could have picked up a low-grade T206 instead.  <sigh>

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