Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 Rittenhouse James Bond Archives: Final Edition

This is the final pack of my Saturday purchase from Triple Cards in Plano (TX).  They were at the counter and I love James Bond movies so I picked up a pack without knowing anything about them.  Much to my chagrin, I found out when I opened the pack that the set is for the Bond movie I feel is the worse one of all, Die Another Day.

I've only bought one box of the Rittenhouse James Bond cards in the past and I do like them.  Like a sports card release, autographs are the thing.  This product includes autographs from the late Roger Moore.  There are also parallels and inserts.  You can find more information on those here.

Rittenhouse has done a great job with the Bond cards. I love the front.  They leave it as simple as can be.  There is no unneeded text, logos or anything.  I wouldn't be unhappy if they even left the 007 off the front, but I'm not upset that it's there.  It's always out of the way and never takes away from the picture.

This would be a fantastic card to have signed, if one ever had the opportunity to have Pierce Brosnan sign.  I like the images like this (and the later one of Halle Berry) more than the actual action shots.

I hope that you enjoyed the look.  Perhaps I've inspired you to pick up a box of these.  I should do so myself.

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Fuji said...

Halle and black leather... are like baseball cards and wax stains. They were meant for each other.

Kin said...


JediJeff said...

I cannot top what Fuji just said, so I will just concur.