Sunday, August 27, 2017

1992 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Series 2

Behold, the power of Super Premium baseball cards powered by Kodak technology! Here's a blast from the early '90s past that I received in a repack box from Target the other day.

598 - Will Clark Members Choice - We start this one off with a bang. The last 10 cards of Series 2 were designated as "Members Choice" and had some extra shiny stuff printed on the front.

493 - Mike Timlin - Timlin had a long career as a reliever, picking up four World Series rings along the way.

341 - Jeff Huson - Huson racked up 12 big league seasons as a utility infielder.

431 - Orel Hershiser - Hershiser had the scoreless streak, the World Series ring and 3 All-Star appearances to his credit.

372 - Bob MacDonald - MacDonald spent 6 seasons as a reliever, and is the first guy in this pack that I don't remember ever hearing of. Not to be confused with Ben McDonald.

- Club Membership card - It was not cheap, especially by early '90s standards.

442 - Erik Pappas - Pappas split time with Tom Pagnozzi behind the plate for the Cardinals one season (due to injury if I recall), but that was about it for his career. Well, that and this card of him eating... something.

432 - Brian Hunter - Another part-time player with 9 seasons in the bigs.

413 - Glenallen Hill - Hill was sort of an under-the-radar slugger who picked up a ring with the Yankees towards the end of his career.

310 - Andujar Cedeno - Cedeno had a short career and, unfortunately, a short life. He was killed in an auto accident in the Dominican Republic at age 31.

403 - Mitch Webster - For the first three years of its existence, Stadium Club included an image of the player's first Topps card on the back, along with an early '90s attempt at sabermetrics. This is basically a look at your favorite video game's "hot zone".

483 - Jim Gott - I pull way too many Dodgers cards. Gott spent most of the back half of his career in LA after pitching for Toronto, San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

315 - Chuck Finley - Finley was a 5-time All-Star and the third member of the Hall of Very Good to appear in this pack.

303 - Brady Anderson - All we know of him are the crazy sideburns and one fluky season where he hit a million home runs.

391 - Pete Harnisch - Harnisch was coming off his only All-Star appearance here, and would go on to pitch for 14 seasons.

479 - Jeff Juden - Another pitcher, this journeymen finishes up the pack as the second straight guy donning the navy rainbow jersey.

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Hackenbush said...

Stadium Club has come a long way in 25 years. I only wish we still got 15 cards in a pack.