Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Topps Chrome Hobby Jumbo Pack

Yesterday I posted my pack of 2017 Baseball Card Day cards.  I wanted to spend the $10 to get the Mike Trout card (even though it will be selling for a quarter in about two weeks), so I picked up a pack of Topps Chrome to hit my $10 threshold.  Will I end up winning the card lottery and get an Aaron Judge before prices plummet?

To me, it's crazy to spend more than a dollar per card on something when the odds are that you will get all cards that should be in a dime box.  The things I do for the blog...

2017 Topps Chrome #113 Adam Wainwright 
2017 Topps Chrome #38 Brandon Drury

2017 Topps Chrome #62 Gregory Polanco

2017 Topps Chrome #50 Corey Seager

2017 Topps Chrome #3 Matt Holliday

2017 Topps Chrome 1987 Topps #87T13 Luke Weaver

2017 Topps Chrome Refractor #7 Jake Thompson

2017 Topps Chrome Freshman Flash #FF4 David Dahl

2017 Topps Chrome #14 Kenta Maeda

2017 Topps Chrome #135 Roman Quinn

2017 Topps Chrome #21 Yoenis Cespedes

2017 Topps Chrome #37 Jose Altuve

2017 Topps Chrome #17 Kyle Schwarber
The modern card lottery - sometimes you win, most of the time you lose.  I got my free Baseball card day pack and Mike Trout, so maybe that eases the hurt of spending $18 on this?  I could have picked up a low-grade T206 instead.  <sigh>

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Mark Kaz said...

Ouch. "The things I do for the blog" indeed!

P-town Tom said...

Yeah, not the best pack overall, but it helped me scratch my pack breaking itch!

JediJeff said...

Hey - two cards in there for my binders (Carpenter throwback and bunting Quinn). But I'll find those for a dime.

Fuji said...

$18 a pack? That's ridiculous. Glad you walked away with a bonus pack and the Trout.

Bulldog said...

I agree the price isn't worth it - but man it is fun. You just never know and you see guys get the big hits and you think, "why can't that be me?". Great post and I don't blame ya for giving it a shot.