Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Topps Star Wars Rogue One Series 2

It's been a loooong time since I've shared a pack of cards here on APTBNL, so why not share a pack of Topps Star Wars Rogue One Series 2...especially since I've been so wrapped up with Star Wars lately!

Series 2 offers up another 100 base cards featuring images from the movie. There are 3 levels of parallels: Death Star Black (1:2), Green Squardron (1:3) and Blue Squadron (1:6). Inserts include Character stickers (1:6), Heroes of the Rebel Alliance (1:14), Villians of the Galactic Empire (1:14), Prime Forces (1:3), Troopers (1:3), Movie Posters (1:48), Darth Vader Continuity (1:24), Autograph (1:4,424), Patch card (1:251) and Sketch card (1:1,272).

Many of the images in set share this horizontal layout that you see here with K-2SO. The back of the card has a small write up about the scene pictured.

Packs seem to average at least one parallel. Personally I could care less for these and would have preferred to have the regular card here of Chirrut instead.

From the inserts that I've seen this far, I love them all. These Trooper cards are very nice. I may consider going for a full set of certain inserts as I work on the base set.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1997 Japanese BBM Sparkling Fighters Pro Wrestling Cards

I'm continuing my run of 1990s Japanese trading cards packs....this time with a pack of 1997 BBM Sparkling Fighters.  I see boxes of this stuff pop up from time to time and have always been interested in opening some packs.  There are 187 cards in the set broken up into five subsets: Sparkling Fighters, Sparkling Holds, Sparking Checklist, Sparking Legend, and Sparkling Special.  The last two subsets seemed to be short printed, but there are no stated odds on the pack.  Back in 1997, this pack would have set you back 400円 for 8 cards.  Let's open up this sparkling foil wrapper and see what we get.

Card #11: Satoshi Kojima....a consistent wrestler from New Japan Pro Wrestling in the 1990s who is at the end of his career.

Card #15: Hiroyoshi the mask

Card #20: Hayabusa....boom easily the best pull of the pack...I would have loved to see some of his matches in person

Card #76: Bas Rutten...another great pull of this popular MMA fighter.

Card #107: Hideki Hosaka....shown here wrestling for W*ing....not sure how to pronounce it.

Card #115: Masahito Kakihara.....another MMA fighter that crossed over from wrestling

Card #124: Manami Toyota..I'm not going to lie...she looks a lot like my first girlfriend....except her hair is longer of course.

Card #145 Harley Saito....this is why I love Joshi Wrestling from Japan....the flair!

Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 Topps Series 2 Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  Today is my eldest son's 10th birthday, but because of school and other activities, the official party happens this weekend.  The Wifey and I still cannot believe he's now double digits.

There have been 4 APTBNL posts made on his birthday, although 2 of the posts were made by our resident Jedi.  Time to tip things back in my favor with a pack of 2017 Topps Series 2!

12 cards per pack.  I believe the Home Run Derby cards are a Target exclusive.  Let's see what I got:

#554 - Jason Castro
#664 - Blake Swihart

Sorry for the lack of cropping, I snapped the pics with my cell phone and uploaded them directly to Blogger.

#647 - Jose Reyes
#679 - Jung Ho Kang

Reyes has enjoyed a something of a comeback year with the Mets.  Meanwhile, Kang hasn't played at all this season due to not having a working visa, as well as other personal issues.  Not sure why he gets a card in the set then.

#648 - Seattle Mariners
#MM-30 - Miguel Cabrera (Memorable Moments)

The Memorable Moments insert come 1 in 8 packs.

#HRD-14 - Prince Fielder (Home Run Derby Champs)
1984 Topps #534 - Pete O'Brien (Rediscover Topps Silver)

The HR Derby insert comes 1 in 4 packs.  The back of the pack says Topps Buyback is 1:6, which I assume is the name for Rediscover Topps.  It's the silver version, for what it's worth.

#539 - Amir Garrett (RC)
#672 - Luke Maile

#680 - Mike Pelfrey
#675 - Buster Posey
#602 - Alex Dickerson

Here's some backs just because:

Anyway, that's the pack.  Happy birthday to my boy, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2016-17 Panini Excalibur NBA

Excalibur was released late in the season for a basketball release, so it was probably on the shelves for a couple of months before I ever noticed it. To me, this is about a half of a step up from Panini's usual releases, with some nice inserts mixed in with some closely cropped full bleed "action" photos.

21 - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - MKG will always remind me of the old coffee in a can, MJB.

78 - Jamal Crawford - Typical Panini back. No photo (you know it would just be a smaller version of the front photo if there was one), minimal stats and a huge team logo.

35 - Tristan Thompson - Former University of Texas standout. Well, for one season anyway.

23 - John Wall Knight in Shining Armor Purple 07/49 - This is a fairly low numbered parallel version of a retail only insert die cut. It looks nice. Wall is a nice player, if you're into that sort of thing they do in Washington.

170 - Rudy Gobert Baron - This is a parallel of a base card. Panini manages to catch Gobert at what he does best: almost stepping out of bounds?

198 - Karl Malone - From The Stifle Tower to The Mailman.

156 - Georgios Papagiannis - Token rookie card of the pack.

114 - Solomon Hill - And we end things with a Pelican, one of the more interested bird mascots in sports.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage High - Retail Hanger Pack

Yesterday I decided to head to the Target by my office on lunch.  I'd resisted the urge for a couple of days to see if I could find any of the Heritage packs but I could no longer.  I've seen pack searchers in there before so I never have anticipation of finding a hit in any packs that I buy, and expectations are always low.

I like the concept of just adding to the Heritage set released earlier.  What I'd like even more is a legitimately old-school six or seven series set.  I'm allowed to dream.
2017 Topps Heritage #549 Brad Brach 

2017 Topps Heritage #549 Brad Brach 

You don't see it on the back of this card, but I do like how many of the backs reference the 2017 season.  

2017 Topps Heritage #589 Drew Smyly

2017 Topps Heritage #635 Mike Pelfrey

2017 Topps Heritage #671 Rajai Davis

2017 Topps Heritage #689 Jason Vargas

2017 Topps Heritage #681 Matt Olson

2017 Topps Heritage #667 Aaron Altherr

2017 Topps Heritage #692 Pat Valaika

2017 Topps Heritage #543 Austin Hedges

2017 Topps Heritage #721 Josh Reddick

2017 Topps Heritage #721 Josh Reddick (back)
This Josh Reddick is a short print.  I'm not sure if there is one per pack, but there was one in mine.  I was with a friend that bought two packs and there was a short print in each of his.

For those unaware, the codes on the back will tell you if the card is a short print.  Per Beckett, these are the codes (look at the last two numbers of the number on the last line of the card):

• Base (#501-700) – 23
• Base Short Prints (#701-725) – 33
• Action Image Variations – 48
• Team Color Swap Variations – 49
• Errors Variations – 45
• Traded Variations – 46
• Throwback Variations – 47

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game Rookies #11 Reynaldo Lopez 

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game Rookies #11 Reynaldo Lopez (back)
Per Beckett the 1968 Game Rookies cards are exclusive to packs from Target.  I'm sure the red back is no coincidence.  

2017 Topps Heritage #576 Bradley Zimmer

2017 Topps Heritage #669 Adam Frazier

2017 Topps Heritage #610 Boog Powell

2017 Topps Heritage #528 Logan Forsythe

2017 Topps Heritage #640 Miguel Gonzalez

2017 Topps Heritage #621 Tyson Ross

2017 Topps Heritage #687 Adam Ottavino

2017 Topps Heritage #683 Brad Peacock

2017 Topps Heritage #638 Jason Grilli
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