Saturday, September 16, 2017

2017 Topps Heritage High - Retail Hanger Pack

Yesterday I decided to head to the Target by my office on lunch.  I'd resisted the urge for a couple of days to see if I could find any of the Heritage packs but I could no longer.  I've seen pack searchers in there before so I never have anticipation of finding a hit in any packs that I buy, and expectations are always low.

I like the concept of just adding to the Heritage set released earlier.  What I'd like even more is a legitimately old-school six or seven series set.  I'm allowed to dream.
2017 Topps Heritage #549 Brad Brach 

2017 Topps Heritage #549 Brad Brach 

You don't see it on the back of this card, but I do like how many of the backs reference the 2017 season.  

2017 Topps Heritage #589 Drew Smyly

2017 Topps Heritage #635 Mike Pelfrey

2017 Topps Heritage #671 Rajai Davis

2017 Topps Heritage #689 Jason Vargas

2017 Topps Heritage #681 Matt Olson

2017 Topps Heritage #667 Aaron Altherr

2017 Topps Heritage #692 Pat Valaika

2017 Topps Heritage #543 Austin Hedges

2017 Topps Heritage #721 Josh Reddick

2017 Topps Heritage #721 Josh Reddick (back)
This Josh Reddick is a short print.  I'm not sure if there is one per pack, but there was one in mine.  I was with a friend that bought two packs and there was a short print in each of his.

For those unaware, the codes on the back will tell you if the card is a short print.  Per Beckett, these are the codes (look at the last two numbers of the number on the last line of the card):

• Base (#501-700) – 23
• Base Short Prints (#701-725) – 33
• Action Image Variations – 48
• Team Color Swap Variations – 49
• Errors Variations – 45
• Traded Variations – 46
• Throwback Variations – 47

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game Rookies #11 Reynaldo Lopez 

2017 Topps Heritage 1968 Topps Game Rookies #11 Reynaldo Lopez (back)
Per Beckett the 1968 Game Rookies cards are exclusive to packs from Target.  I'm sure the red back is no coincidence.  

2017 Topps Heritage #576 Bradley Zimmer

2017 Topps Heritage #669 Adam Frazier

2017 Topps Heritage #610 Boog Powell

2017 Topps Heritage #528 Logan Forsythe

2017 Topps Heritage #640 Miguel Gonzalez

2017 Topps Heritage #621 Tyson Ross

2017 Topps Heritage #687 Adam Ottavino

2017 Topps Heritage #683 Brad Peacock

2017 Topps Heritage #638 Jason Grilli
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ketchupman36 said...

The Mariners in that pack sure are a dud. Smyly has been injured the whole season and Boog Powell was traded back in August. I can't blame Topps for not having time to replace Powell.

Hackenbush said...

A few interesting looks. Love Rajai's cheeky smile.

JediJeff said...

White Sox hot pack!

P-town Tom said...

The backdrop on Mike Pelfrey's card sure is a strange one. It's more suitable for Swamp Thing than a baseball player.

Ana Lu said...

Ok..I'm in love with Austin Hedges! lol