Saturday, September 02, 2017

2017 Topps National Baseball Card - Dodgers

My nephew how goes to UCLA went to the Dodgers game when the had the National Baseball Card Day (August 12th) Stadium pack giveaway.  Each pack contained 4 Dodgers cards and a cover card from Topps celebrating the day.  He got me 2 packs below was the better of the 2 packs neither had the Kershaw I was hoping to get. each card is stamped with "National Baseball Card Day 2017" in Silver and are number LAD-X not sure how many different cards in the team set one pack cards 2-5 the other had 7-11 mostly current players I did get a Mike Piazza in the second pack.  See below for pack 1:
Cover Card

Adrian Gonzalex - LAD-2

Kenley Jansen - LAD-3

Kenta Maeda - LAD-4 

Corey Seager - LAD-5

Seager Card Back 

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