Friday, September 29, 2017

2017 Donruss Football - Retail

Here's the last pack of four from my Target retail spree.  This is 2017 Donruss Football.  Cover pictures are sticking with the NFC North -- Aaron Rodgers and Mitch Trubisky.  These are 8 cards for $1.99 in the retail format.

#187 - Franco Harris - This is a nice starting card to pull out.  Good to see some legends in this pack (it won't be the last).  The design is pretty solid -- a nice big player picture framed by team-color diagonal accents in the back.  You also get a team logo that is unobtrusive and the player's name with the Donruss logo at the bottom.

The backs don't do the standard Panini "repeat the picture from the front" -- instead, they give you an oversized team logo, a small write-up, and a teeny stats box.  Not the worst I've seen, but nothing to write home about.

#60 - Randy Moss

#252 - Jeremy Maclin

#213 - Eddie George

#57 - Marvin Jones

#263 - Ndamukong Suh

#298 - Joe Thomas

#327 - Patrick Mahomes - Rated Rookie - Always nice to see the classic RR logo!  Mahomes is in a great situation in KC...Alex Smith is running things to give him time to learn and grow.

And that's it for this pack!  I really like the design on these.

Recapping the four 2017 retail packs:
Best:  I'm going to have to go with 2017 Score -- Good inserts, good design, and a great value.
2nd:  I will say this pack - 2017 Donuss.  I really like the design on these and the inclusion of several "legends."
3rd:  2017 Panini Prestige - These are nice looking, but I didn't see much value in the pack.
4th:  2017 Panini Football - The design on these was ridiculous and forced every player into a "keyhole."

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-Josh D.


Fuji said...

That Franco card is fantastic! Kudos to Donruss for their solid design and excellent photo selection.

flywheels said...

I liked 2016's Donruss design, but I really love this year's effort. I don't normally build football card sets, but I'm toying with the idea of building 2017 Donruss. At least the price tag is easier on my wallet.

Are any of these cards up for grabs? I don't know if I need them yet, just curious.