Sunday, May 17, 2009

2008 Press Pass Premium

Our local K-Mart did some minor remodeling and came up with a new corner display for card collectors. I don't normally pay any attention to racing cards except at Christmas time (my oldest son collects racing cards).But as I was perusing the new display I did a double take.Was that a baseball bat I just saw on a racing card pack ? Yes, it was, and without any further investigation it was leaving with me ! It seems there was a mail-in contest with the prize being a team signed baseball.Unfortunately the deadline for entering was 4/15/09. Just missed it !! That would have made a perfect present for my son. Oh well, I still like the wrapper with Jr. holding the bat. I'm a sucker for anything remotely related to baseball.

Martin Truex Jr.

The reverse shows the driver's car along with a brief story.

Jeff Gordon - From what little I know about racing, it seems you either love or hate this guy !

A.J. Allmendinger - Never heard of him, drives one of those foreign cars.

The final card was Dale Jr. himself. It was a Speedweeks subset.One of the more valuable cards in the set (according to you -know -who).

I do like the wrapper but I think I'm sticking to baseball cards

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