Monday, May 11, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection

So I haven't gotten to post in a while (something I'll change), so why not post the most expensive pack of cards I've ever purchased? (yes, I can be that cheap when it comes to packs)
First off, you have the fancy packaging pictured above (a foil pack inside a mini box-type thing).
And now, the cards:
#27, Travis Hafner (who really needs to start performing again this season...)

Jon Lester auto-jersey card, #SA-66 (not sure what any of the insert sets are called, so I'll just say what they are)

Josh Beckett/Jason Varitek dual jersey card, #178 (major issue I have with this set: matching listed team with picture with jersey. I understand they are trying to match jersey piece with picture, but why list Beckett with the Marlins, with whom he hasn't pitched in years, and pair him with Varitek, when the connection is obviously that they both play for Boston? Looks really werid to me)

Scott Kazmir/Randy Johnson/Francisco Liriano/Johan Santana quad jersey, #209 (again, weird matching of pics and names. My guess for the pairing is four great lefties...? Not really sure...)

#28, CC Sabathia (or C.C. since he was that at the time?) (and let me say that as an Indians fan, getting a pack like this with two Indians (yes, CC was one when I bought this) was great)

So overall a pretty good pack. A really great auto of a good pitcher and a solid AL pack. See you next time then! (in which I'll probably have another baseball pack, as I really don't buy non-sports stuff)


Matt Flaten said...

So was this pack above average or is this what most people pull?

steveisjewish said...

There is always a guy at the local show with tons of these quad relics for like $40 a pop - as nice as they are... come on man.. really?

Alec said...

I only bought one pack of this, but from what I've seen (YouTube), this is about normal. Most packs don't have autos (or have some no-name rookie auto), but there are also 6 and 8 player relic cards to be had. I agree though, these really aren't too special, and I spent $40 on the pack - I can't see paying that for just one of these cards...

Anonymous said...

$40 doesn't seem bad for all those "hits". Of course, that's coming from a guy who's stuck in the 90s when it comes to collecting and stil thinks relics are the greatest thing since NNOF and RevNeg rookie errors!