Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Goudey Retail Jumbo (?)

I hadn't planned on posting this pack here, so I went ahead and ripped it open. And since when is sixteen cards a jumbo pack? I remember a normal pack of Score being 17 cards.

Let's see what we got...

3 Stephen Drew

90 Mark Teixeira
75 Hanley Ramirez
27 Dustin Pedroia
35-10 4-in 1 Goudey: Nolan Ryan, Scott Kazmir, Josh Beckett, Clayton Kershaw
113 Ryan Braun
196 Alex Rios
136 Chien-Ming Wang

137 Mariano Rivera

87 John Lackey
18 Nick Markakis
6 Dan Haren
147 Mark Teahen
160 Edwin Encarnacion
112 CC Sabathia

Wait a second...

Go back and count. There were only fifteen cards in this pack. It was sealed perfectly. After my experience with getting an opened searched pack of '09 Topps Series 1, I check. I looked at all the edges, felt the sides for even thickness... it all checked out.

I'm not taking it back to Wal-Mart, I am going to email Upper Deck though.

Oh well. First impression? These cards are not for me. I liked last year's set much better, with the exception of the floating Griffey and Jeter heads.

Nothing about these cards look real, and to be perfectly honest, they scare me just a bit.

That Mariano Rivera card is one of the worst looking baseball cards I've ever seen. Upper Deck, your contract is up at the end of the year, you should really try harder than this if you hope to get a renewal.

I will not be buying any more of this stuff.


Matt Runyon said...

Yuck. Thanks for opening the pack. It showed me how goofy these cards are.

Anonymous said...

Is this practice of "pack searching" common at retailers like Target and Walmart? Makes me think I'd be best sticking to packs bought at a legitimate card shop.

I was wondering why there were never any hits in my First Edition UD or Topps Opening Day packs... now I know!

--David said...

Yeah, I've seen guys pack searching at our local wal-mart. Some places will do something about it. Others just shrug.

Was there a "on average" in fine print somewhere on that pack? :-)

Ben said...

I am 99% sure this pack wasn't searched. Like I said, after that last experience, I checked. I looked at the seal and felt along the edges. And then when I got home, I had a hell of a time getting it open.

I emailed Upper Deck about it, I doubt they'll do anything for me, but I wanted them to know.

This is the FIRST 2009 Upper Deck product I've seen in a store, and I'm certainly not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Mistakes happens. It was one card short. Nothing to cry about.