Tuesday, May 05, 2009

1992 Pro Set Guinness Book Of Records Cards

Going into this pack, I had only one hope...that I would pull a card of the Twins on Motorcycles:

#5 World's Longest Car [100 feet long on 26 wheels]

Here's what the reverse looks like...

#91 Highest Head-First Dive [87 1/2 feet]

#97 Most Medals In A Single World Championships [Matt Biondi]

#14 Longest Unbroken Wall

#82 World's Fastest Fish [Cosmopolitan Sailfish]

#28 World's Longest Cable Suspension Bridge

#80 World Largest Waist Measurement [119 inches]

Well I got a fat guy card but not quite the one I wanted...

#20 World's Youngest Living Monarch [King Mswati III of Swaziland]

#31 World's Speed Recorded For A Train [320 mph]

Yeah, so Pro Set cheated me and only gave me nine cards instead of the advertised 10! I hope you go out of business Pro Set!...oh wait...sorry about that.

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--David said...

The 10th card was the Twins on Bikes, but you were re-pack-ripped-off!! :-) This was a GREAT pack for this site, and I cannot wait until all the non-sport oddball packs I bought on eBay show up to help add to the fun!