Thursday, May 28, 2009

1998 Topps Finest Series 2

There's a monthly card show that's somewhat near where I live. Every time I've been there, there's been a table with a bucket full of $1 packs. And every time there's been some 1998 Finest somewhere in the pile. This is probably the second or third pack I've opened of this and I don't really know how I feel about it.

174 - Paul Konerko

176 - Dante Bichette No Protector (The only difference between this and a regular base card with the protective coating peeled off is that the back is sort of chrome-y looking.)

253 - Billy Wagner

215 - Matt Williams

176 - Dante Bichette (Again? Seriously?)

155 - Rico Brogna (Apparently infielders get gloves on the front of the cards, pitchers get baseballs and outfielders get nothing?)

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night owl said...

How is it legal to put the same card in the same pack?