Friday, May 29, 2009

2008 Topps American Heritage

I haven't seen this one posted yet (unless I failed to see the bleeding elephant in the snowstorm).

I grabbed this pack from Best Buy, forgetting to read the word American in the pack title. I hadn't seen Topps Heritage yet, and I figured Babe Ruth was Heritage-y enough to be featured. Oh well, it was fun to open and go through the cards. On to the smattering of mostly historical figures in classic Topps designs....

This is probably my favorite card in the pack. Iconic brother inventors staring into the distance at their brilliance hurtling through the air. (1963 Topps design)

This is probably my least favorite card in the pack. Except for his role as Rabbi Krustofsky, I have not been a Jackie Mason fan. It was an insert, 1 in 12 packs, can you feel the love?

Here's our resident 10 dollar bill face. He obviously doesn't care about the state of the US Treasury anymore, though he was the first head of it. He was a memorable dueler after all. (1962 Topps design)

And here is a civil rights leader, a prominent intellectual of the movement and one of the founders of the NAACP. (1968 Topps design)

Now pictured:
The Treaty of Versailles (1961 Topps design)

Nathanael Greene: Revolutionary War General (1956 Topps design)

Samuel Morse: Telegraph invention fame (1963 Topps design),
Chester Nimitz: WWI and WWII general (1956 Topps design)

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