Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 WWE Heritage IV

While looking for something different to open here I saw these and thought "Why not?" I always see these at the store and couldn't bring myself to purchase them just for the hope of an Allen & Ginter card so I'll use the blog as an excuse to buy a pack. Let's see if I have any luck.

68 Michelle McCool - Pretty lady, not a bad start
31 Kofi Kingston - Jamaican I assume
60 Jillian - Hello!
87 Ted DiBiase - Million Dollar Man, gotta love the old school
75 Bobby “The Brain” Heenan - The weasel
Unfortunately no Allen & Ginter for me but I did get a couple of Divas, a couple of veterans all emcompassed in the old school design so not to bad.


Johngy said...

Bobby 'the Brain' is reason enough to give this one a big 'YES'!

flywheels said...

Wanna trade away any of those cards? I could use all by the Million Dollar Man.

Anonymous said...

Is Bobby Heenan the host of a gameshow or something?