Sunday, May 10, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Retail

It seems like my local Target is really pushing Baseball Heroes almost like it was a brand new product. The Blasters are on sale and the racks of packs are always filled. I'm not sure if every pack has one of these coupons but it would have been nice to pull this before it expired last Halloween.

#57 Troy Tulowitzki Rookie of the Year Runner Up

#27 Josh Beckett Most AL Wins

#97 Ryan Braun Rookie of the Year [Grey Border]

There was also a Yankee Stadium Legacy card in the pack that I forgot to scan before I packed it up for a trade...I don't remember who it was or even the era it was from...let this card represent my memory of the card:

#179 Jose Reyes/Derek Jeter Salmon Border 153/249

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