Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fleer Stick-It-To 'Em

There seems to be some discrepancy as to the release date on these puppies. Some people say 1976, others say 1978, and still others say 1981. I dunno. I just bought 'em and busted the pack. Or, more to the point, the pack busted open. Evidently, touching the pack in just the right way caused it to POP open. What was inside was not pretty. Based on the first card in the pack, the whole thing should find its way to the Hall of Shame... Those with weak stomachs should grab the air sickness bag now...

See the first card there? Yeah, the one that looks like it has something blocking the sticker? That would be the sticky, nasty residue of the gum that came in the pack. Not gross enough for you? How about this: The rest of the gum is still basically in tact, stuck to the inside of the wrapper. As tempted as I have been in the past to take a sliver of old gum, I can promise there is nothing whatsoever tempting about this. The next card features the "Class Blabbermouth."

The idea behind these wonderful friend-makers was that the collector would stick these on the backs of unsuspecting victims. I might need my head examined. This is the second pack of insult-related wax I've opened on here. The "B.O." one I understand. The two-way mirror? So, would that mean someone is inside the wearer? I am confused by that one.

Thankfully, each pack contains only 6 stickers. That is no accident, as the whole set features 66 cards - see, we're doing math here now... 66 stickers in the set, 6 stickers per pack... 11 packs should net us the whole set... Or something. I would have been the kid that got caught sticking the "Principal's Office" on on the big man's door. Then I would have to explain why I was putting a hair-losing waitress sticker on the lunch lady's rear end.... It's probably good that I did not know of these as a kid...

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