Saturday, May 09, 2009

1988 Leaf Awesome All-Stars

Now, *THESE* are the cards I wanted to bust as my first post on here, but I was too impatient and posted other packs instead. It's all good!

Here we have a wax pack from 1988. It is similar to the Garbage Pail Kids cards in that they are gross interpretations. In this case, though, the set is all baseball-related. There are 99 cards in the full set.

Rather than post snarky comments, I'm letting these speak for themselves:

Each pack also comes with gum.... There is nothing quite like 21-year old gum:

I am doing a cross-post of sorts about the set over on "Things Done To Cards." Now, there you will find PLENTY of snarkiness, I'm sure.

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Todd Uncommon said...

The best part of these are the wrapper. Nothing beats a sales pitch with a baseball in each nostril.