Monday, May 11, 2009

1967 Fleer My Kookie Klassmates Autograph Stamps

While poking around eBay for non-sport/oddball packs to post on here, I came across this little gem. I had never heard of them, and they were released two years before I was born. I knew I had to spring for the pack!

Inside, we find a piece of gum that is roughly 42 years old. Please, let that sink in a moment. The *GUM* is 42 years old!

And, what's the real kicker? It looks better than gum released twenty years later! The gum is solid as a brick, yet I would guess as brittle as a clump of dirt. I did *not* try bending it or slamming into the table to test my hypothesis, however.

There is also a cardboard ... something. I'm not sure what the purpose of this is , unless it is to give to your "friends" like a twisted Valentine's Day:

I'm not sure how good of friends I would be with someone if they came to my locker one day, and handed me "Your face makes my heart jump... FROM FRIGHT!"

The real reason for the pack, though, is the stickers that come inside. They are all on one long sheet. There are eight stickers featuring various poses and sayings with room for your "friends" to sign their name. It's like a demented "most likely" contest:

In case you can't find anyone to actually sign the stickers, Fleer was good enough to include some facsimile signatures that you could attach yourself, provided you knew a Gene, Helen, etc. Evidently, I got the pack with the "G-J" names.

I think I would have signed the "Class Girl Chaser" if I had seen these in grade school. Of course, by then, these would have been about 10 years old. While I may have been the "Girl Chaser," I was certainly not the "Girl Catcher" - though my first "real" girlfriend was in 2nd grade and we went to Penguins hockey game for our first (and only) date!

For the sake of posterity, I wanted to show the full scan of the sticker sheet:


Erin said...

Thanks for sharing this. It was quite rad to see. I can't imagine what those would look like if they were made now ... not as good, I am sure!

Erin said...

Oh, and as for the gum ... I would be too afraid to taste that. I will admit to tasting gum from 1987 or 86? (cannot recall at present time) at the beginning of this year. Needless to say, it stayed in my mouth for .2 seconds. Vile!

--David said...

Yeah, I ultimately opted to just throw it out. When my teen-aged son wouldn't go near it, I knew that was a sign...

Todd Uncommon said...

Interesting how their use of "dumbelle" is in a feminized form, rather than the more gender neutral, multipurpose, and far more common "dumbbell".

An,d for "sissy"--I...just...don' least it doesn't veer off into any embarrassing common stereotypes for that. Not bad for the 1960s.

Plus...pretty morbid for a "class showoff" to hang himself by the neck. Yeah, I'd say that's a cry out for attention.

Oh, and the "class kisser" has hot wavy lines coming off them. Hot lips? Smelly lips? Unknown. Unknowable.