Monday, May 25, 2009

1997 Score Series II Baseball

I'm starting to realize that while mid-'90s Score has some of the worst card designs and overall card quality around, the photography can be pretty great. Here's a crappy pack marked down to 25% of its original retail price. It's interesting to note that the SRP was $2.99 in Canada.

349 - Chad Curtis (Part determination, part Ladies Man pose.)

368 - Rico Brogna ("O-Face" or does he just have food stuck in his teeth?)

338 - Chili Davis ("Are you serious? Do you want me, Chili Davis, to bat in your game of baseball?)

401 - Bobby Jones (The vein in his elbow kinda grosses me out.)

481 - Jorge Posada ("Rookie")

418 - William VanLandingham (I don't remember this Giants uniform style.)

537 - Ryne Sandberg True Grit (From the back of the card: "He almost never swings at a first pitch." Now that's True Grit!)

519 - Mike Mussina Rock and Fire (Both kinds.)

406 - Todd Stottlemyre (Repping my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals.)

358 - Moises Alou (How do you know this is a '90s pack? Teal.)

395 - Aaron Sele (I have a hard time picturing frat boy types all over the country talking about Aaron Sele and doing fist bumps like they do about Kevin Youkilis, Big Papi and Nomar Garciaparra.)

441 - Pat Rapp (More teal.)

404 - Cal Eldred (Eldred had an astonishingly good rookie season - see also, Listach, Pat. He eventually settled in as a middle reliever and pitched decently for the Cards late in his career.)

440 - Pat Kelly

524 - John Wetteland Rock and Fire

374 - Darren Lewis

515 - Gary Sheffield Goin' Yard (Sheffield was coming off a season in which he went yard 42 times, a career high at that point.)

482 - Brant Brown
362 - Jeff King (I'm not sure what the net behind King is for. This can't be during an actual game, can it?)

332 - Bruce Ruffin (I give the Rockies a lot of credit for staying with the same logo and primary uniform design for the life of their franchise so far.)


Goose Joak said...

Great commentary. This pack was a trip down memory lane. Thanks!!

Motherscratcher said...

I was thinking the other day that there just don't seem to be many guys named "Chili" around any more. Maybe my next kid.