Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1990 Topps RoboCop2

Now here are some cards that are sure to bring back some memories for some of the readers out there. We've got RoboCop2 cards. Frankly, I never cared for the movie and had no idea there was even a second one made, let alone Topps made cards for it. I got these in a bulk oddball box.

The cards are VERY yellow and feature scenes from the movie on the front. Some of the cards have storyboards on them, and in each pack is a sticker. Hey, isn't the woman in the card above from "The Love Boat" or something?

The backs of the cards seem to feature the story of the movie in a serial fashion such that each cards ends with "Continued on Card #xx" where xx is the next card numerically.

So, card #83 continues on #84, etc etc until you get to the end of the set. Well, I assume it ends there, but I can't really say from experience.

Oh, wait, in ALL CAPS at the bottom of each card on the back are these words: "*INCLUDES HIGHLIGHTS FROM ROBOCOP'S FIRST ADVENTURE!" So, I'm guessing then the story on the back is from the first movie? I dunno... I'm at a loss here.

It is very obvious the Topps was way over-extended by this point in the company's history. Holding on to tie-ins that I can only assume were a bust. Oh wait, they're still doing that, aren't they?

Well, if you've made it this far, you are to be congratulated. I'm not sure I would have scrolled down this far - unless it was to see older posts...


Todd Uncommon said...

Everything about this card set (and pack) screams "missed the boat" fail.

The first movie, especially for the 80s, was the right balance of snarky, edgy, and upright.

It's hard to believe how bad RoboCop 2 was (and still is), and it hasn't improved over the years.

It's also hard to see how it could have failed, too. They seemed to have the right talent lined up:

- Popular, interesting, money-making property. Check.

- Retain Key Actor, Peter Weller. Check.

- Get solid director, Irvin Kirshner (Empire Strikes Back, Never Say Never Again). Also check.

- Get bad ass story writer, Frank Miller (Sin City, 300, Dark Knight Returns). Check again.

I guess any studio can squander even the best assets and talent.

Anonymous said...

I find it astonishing that anyone can have managed to not know about Robocop 2. That is unless they're a hermit, have absolutely no interest in films or is a bit simple.