Sunday, April 14, 2024

2001 Dart FlipCards I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary

In this post, we feature a pack of 2001 Dart FlipCards "I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary" cards. There are 72 cards in the base set and a slew of chase sets including stickers, foil cards, holographic cards, box loaders, promos and more.

The front of each card features a black and white or sepia-toned scene from the series. In a lower corner, a pink heart with "I Love Lucy" script mimics the show's iconic logo.

The backs of the cards feature multiple additional stills, the heart logo, copyright info and the card number also inside a heart logo. The center of th back is dominated by a large pink heart. Inside the heart, a teal card title appears in a script font. Below this, curved to match the curve of the heart, text related to the image(s) portrayed on the card give background info and insights.


The full checklist can be found below:

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Fuji said...

Iconic tv show. Grew up watching it (in the 70's)... and at the time had no idea it was recorded in the 50's.