Wednesday, April 17, 2024

1991 Comic Images Frazetta


Here we have a pack of 1991 Comic Images Frazetta. The set consists of 90 cards. 

The card fronts feature prints of the artist Frank Frazetta. Each card showcases a borderless image of the fantasy-themed artwork. Some of the images are definitely adult-oriented and those have been edited for general public consumption.

The back of the cards feature a black border styled like a hedge row or old parchment or something. The "FRAZETTA" name dominates the top portion of the back. Below that is the card number and title of the featured piece. That is followed by a paragraph related to Frazetta more than the artwork itself. There is a line art drawing of two people engaged in melee combat. At the bottom, we have copyright information.

The full checklist is found below:

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