Monday, March 05, 2012

2011 Topps Star Wars Power Plate

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Todd Uncommon said...

"Wookiee Co-Pilot" License.

Nice one!

I've gotten a handful of these from Target, and the only ones that've qualified for fridge duty were the Ackbar "ITSATRAP" that you pointed out at the end of the video, and a "New Hope" Leia that states "HIGHNESS".

When I see the Ackbar one, it makes me chuckle, frequently, especially thinking about the "IT'S A TARP" meme from a few years back.

The others are stuck on the side of the fridge next to the wall, since they're much more ho-hum.

It also won't take ten years for the magnet glue to lose integrity. More like ten months. The Leia one already peels off just trying to move the magnet around on the fridge. The upside is that at least the plate is held magnetically as well, so that's a bonus.

Personally, I'd like a plate of a sneering Imperial officer, stating "URBLSKUM", or even an Ewok one, with "AIEEHAA" on it.

Hmm, maybe just a tumbling stormtrooper that says "WILHELM". That would be sweet.