Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome

I was really hoping no one else had gotten around to posting these cards yet!  I was completely surprised to see this product the other day @ Target and I didn't even hesitate to pick up a few packs.  I already shared one pack on my blog, but these are too cool not to share here as well!

4 cards, typical for any Chrome product.

My scanner made these shiny cards look blurry and dull, but believe me they look awesome in hand.  Plus, no curving or warping!

All the images are taken from the very first series from 1985!

I posted this image on my Facebook page.  I'm currently waiting for some parent to scold me.


Vaporized Val is one of 14 "Lost" GPK cards featuring art never used before.  I ended up w/ the Refractor version.  Love it.

Retail packs come in at $2.99 and I've already searched out and found that D&A have the boxes for about $68.  Tempting, very tempting...

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Michael Chase said...

I didn't know these existed. Very cool!