Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2001 Upper Deck Bionicle Quest For The Masks Booster Pack

I know nothing about these cards.
I picked up this pack because my son once had a couple Lego Bionicles and got the magazine for a while.
Like 15 years ago.
Ah, nostalgia.

The back of the pack says there are 5 Uncommon, 3 Rare, and 1 Ultra Rare card in this pack.

I'm going to assume I am showing them to you in that order.

I suppose some of these mask cards are special.
This one has a Darth Vader element to it.

This is a cool one, even more Darth Vaderish.

Bionicle Goalies Mask.

Ooh, the black one in blue.
For the Bionicle Blue Man Crew.

This little guy just makes me giggle.
Is he supposed to be some evil war lord or something.
He's a cute little guy.

Ok now we're talking.
I see angry.  I see metal.  I see claws. I see volcanic explosion.
This is good.

This graphic is all over the place.
I cant figure out which way to turn this card.
All I see are rocks flying.


A shiney foil card.
I'm assuming this is the ultra rare.
But is that a mask or a melted chocolate chip?

Most of the card backs have this same photo.
Which is probably one of the cooler I've ever seen.
Menacing yellow eyes....brrrrr....

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