Friday, February 21, 2014

1993 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes

Here is a pack I came across a couple weeks ago that I had in a pile and never opened not sure where I got it because I really didn't like the whole idea of these cards for one there oddball size thin 2 1/4 by an extra long 5 1/4 and then there is the triple fold concept which I don't like any card with a built in feature to bend it and to make it not mint on purpose just isn't a good idea for me.  I believe Upper Deck did these to raise some money for B.A.T. (Baseball Assistance Team) since the logo is on either the front or back of every card.  Not sure but I think this was only a one season deal and where not produced again but here we go with the pack there was 12 cards to a pack and a total of 165 cards in the base set one of the cards in my pack is unnumbered and coloring on the back is a little different then the other 11 cards black vs. gold so thinking it's a subset or insert.

#30 Frank Chance, #42 Larry Doby & #53 George Foster

The backs of #30 Frank Chance, #42 Larry Doby & #53 George Foster

#71 Monte Irvin, #84 Mickey Lolich & #93 Gil McDougald

The Backs of #71 Monte Irvin, #84 Mickey Lolich & #93 Gil McDougald

#94 Sam McDowell, #103 Mel Ott & #115 Enos Slaughter

The Backs of #94 Sam McDowell, #103 Mel Ott & #115 Enos Slaughter

#144 Spahn/Matherson, #148 Evers/Chance & NNO Cobb/Jennings
The backs of #144 Spahn/Matherson, #148 Evers/Chance & NNO Cobb/Jennings


cynicalbuddha said...

Wow that's actually a pretty cool looking set. I never remember seeing those at all. But those look like a nightmare to store or display.

Fuji said...

I've seen singles of this stuff... and actually own a few singles. But that's the first time I've seen a pack. It'd be fun to bust a box of this stuff, although I've got to agree with cynicalbuddha... storage would definitely be an issue.

Anonymous said...

I actually have (5) different un numbered cards

Geevee3 said...

I have 6 unnumbered. Ultra Pro sells 6-pocket pages for them. Stock #206D.