Thursday, May 08, 2014

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Retail

One of the fine saving graces of 2014 Topps series 1 Target blasters was the inclusion of coupons for future releases.  While it is not my favorite set of the year, there was a coupon for a dollar off two packs of Gypsy Queen in those coupon books so while I was out this afternoon buying Mother's Day cards and Doritos, I passed by the card aisle where my love of a bargain overrode my dislike of swirly faux-victorian borders.
 Who could resist Miguel Cabrera's follow through mug?  I opened both packs, this is the first one.

Quite an interesting selection here.  Right away I noticed two things, the borders are less garish than in past years but the Gypsy Queen logo is more bright and conspicuous, so I will call this a design push.  As for the players, well, I always had a soft spot for Juan Gone.  Fister?  I don't even know 'er.  I got another Cabrera, this one of the Asdrubal variety.  I must say, these photoshopped paintings look much better when they use pictures of the players in throwback uniforms.  I got an N174 insert and it is of my favorite, The Franchise.  That nifty card makes this pack worthwhile.  The mini is of speedy outfielder Peter Bourjos, nicely fake painted into his new Cardinal uniform.  Last but certainly not least is the other saving grace of this pack, Pedro Martinez in full god praising mode. I wonder if there is a mini short print with him holding his midget...

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