Thursday, June 12, 2014

1998-99 Topps Basketball Series 1

We're in the thick of the NBA Finals now, so to get everyone pumped for tonight's Game 4, here's a pack of cards from more than 15 years ago. Hooray...?!

26 - Elliot Perry - Perry was a fringe player who eventually developed into a solid backup point guard.

71 - Alan Henderson - Here's the back of these weird cards, which do not look very Topps-like. Hey, it was a lockout year.

96 - Wesley Person - I guess Person is responsible for the dunk here, but only about 8% of the player shown in this photo is actually Wesley Person.

83 - Clifford Robinson - Uncle Cliffy! Nice!

- 1998 NBA Draft Redemption #27 - Oh man, I wonder if Topps can fulfill this one for me. The #27 draft pick ended up being Vladimir Stepania, who had a pretty unremarkable 6 year NBA career.

3 - Rod Strickland - Here's a look at the then-brand new Wizards look.

4 - Keith Van Horn - Keith Van Horn is just showin' off.

52 - Matt Maloney - Well... enjoy the Finals, folks.

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