Sunday, November 06, 2016

1996 Score Football

It's a Football Sunday, so I thought I'd post a 20 year pack of football cards I picked up at a card show awhile back. Because, y'know, football.

38 - Mike Morris - Serious football guy.

88 - Kevin Greene - Remember when they put stats on the back of cards? Score remembers.

3 - Kordell Stewart - Back-to-back Steelers. Stewart was a bit of a star for a time there because of his versatility.

57 - Mario Bates - The design is somewhat similar to Score's baseball effort from the same year, but I think this looks better.

11 - Tony Boselli - The Jaguars were still a brand new franchise at this point. They still haven't figured out how to win.

55 - Chris Warren - Here's a name from the past that I totally forgot about. He was a big deal in the Pacific NW for awhile.

108 - Bill Brooks - Love the vertical shots.

185 - Neil O'Donnell Field Force - This is a 1:3 pack pull parallel where the card has a matte finish, similar to some of Fleer's mid-90s efforts. Neil is so mad he ended up in New Jersey that he smashed the football.

126 - Bernie Parmalee - I know this guy from Tecmo Super Bowl III.

180 - Garrison Hearst - Hearst became a star later in his career and then said some horrible stuff to the media.

133 - Cortez Kennedy - Big Seattle star and Hall of Fame inductee.

186 - Derrick Moore - Here's the other expansion team. They've fared a bit better, but have struggled since their Super Bowl loss earlier this year.

138 - Charles Johnson - Another Steeler. Generic name.

190 - Rob Johnson - You see teal, so it's probably a '90s expansion team.

 211 - Andre Hastings - So many Steelers.

152 - Charlie Garner - Here's a fave of mine. I miss these old Eagles jerseys.

256 - Eric Metcalf 2nd Effort - Metcalf was another versatile player, seen here coming off his lone 1000 yard receiving season.

233 - Daryl Gardener - Rookie Card Alert.

245 - Brett Favre 2nd Effort - I think he sells jeans or something?

222 - Bobby Engram - Engram went on to become one of Seattle's top receivers in the Matt Hasselbeck era.


Rebel Coyote said...

still trying forget Neil O'Donnell was Jet who play gave me fits

TSHenson said...

I would be more than happy to take these and any other Steelers cards you have off your hands. Love my Steelers!!!