Thursday, April 30, 2009

2000 Ultimate Victory

Hi everybody! My name's Alec, and I am honored to have been chosen to write for A Pack to be Named Later! I was born, raised, and I currently live just outside of Cleveland, so I am definitely a Cleveland sports fan (especially the Indians). But enough about me, you came here to see packs being opened, right? (that is why you're here, right...?)

I figured I would start out my card blogging career with a set that I'm sure is fondly remembered by all...
2000 Ultimate Victory!! What's that? You don't remember this? Well, I can't say it was exactly a memorable set. Basically, if you take the normal Victory set from Upper Deck and make it shiny with numbered parallels, you get Ultimate Victory. Just so you know, the pure shininess (is that a word?) of these cards doesn't scan too well, so use your imagination to see the blue border and shininess of these cards.  So, without further ado, let's see what this pack (complete with dust from sitting in my local card shop too long) has in store...

 - 74, Edgardo Alfonzo
 - 60, Matt Williams (the D-Backs are one of the other teams I really like in baseball, so this is a fun card to get)
 - 31, Dean Palmer (who?)
 - 83, Jason Kendall
 - 27, Carl Everett
 - the promised one-per-pack "UD Collection Entry Card" featuring Pee Wee Reese's jersey
Well thanks for following me on this trip down memory lane (and through my first post), and I look forward to many future packs!

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