Monday, March 22, 2010

1997-98 Collector's Choice Hockey

Here is some junk wax if I ever did see any.  I figured it was worth a look since we didn't seem to have one of these on here yet.  If you aren't a hockey fan, don't be surprised if you have never heard of any of these guys.  Even if you are a fan, don't be surprised if you haven't heard of them.

As with most Collector's Choice sets or UD Choice as it became known, it is geared toward youth collectors who can't afford the premium products.  I believe the original retail price on these was somewhere between $.99 and $1.99. 

1997-98 Collector's Choice Hockey
5 Cards/Pack

#52 Eric Weinrich
Another former Olympian.  Weinrich played on Team USA in Calgary in 1988 and again in the 1991 Canada Cup Tournament.  I always though Eric was a pretty darn good defense-man.

#4 Darren Van Imp
No idea...sorry.

#117 Jeff O'Neal
The Whalers #1 Pick in 1994.  1997-98 was the first year the Whalers donned their new digs as the Hurricanes.

#191 Trent Klatt
One of the members of the Flyers "Minnesota Line" back in 1997.

#W9 World Domination - Keith Primeau
This is showing him as a Hurricane but it is referencing the fact that he was a key contributor to Canada winning a silver medal at the 1996 World Cup of Hockey.  Keith was also a member of Team Canada in the Olympics at Nagano, Japan.

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R.N. Coyote said...

One of my favorite sets I collected because it was cheap and simple. No flashy design and if you're lucky you get one of those player stickers.