Sunday, March 07, 2010

2008 Topps Heritage High Number Series

This pack is basically the evil opposite of what Matt F. just posted. There is a longer name to this set, but I'm not going to bother with posting it here. By the time I merely finished saying the name of this brand, your attention probably would have already wandered over to another post about those irrepressible Million Card giveaway cards.

663 - Mark Ellis

577 - Ben Zobrist (This is one of the only bright spots in the pack. Zobrist came from out of nowhere to have a huge season last year.)

509 - Marcus Thames (Thames is trying to find a spot in the revamped Yankees outfield.)

647 - Matt Macri (Can you get Topps News on the newstands anymore, or has it gone the way of the other print editions of newspapers?)

641 - Omar Infante

541 - Jon Rauch Black Back (Rauch is enormously tall.)

555 - Jeff Keppinger

UH254 - Jose Castillo (Two Updates & Highlights base cards per pack...)

UH56 - Roy Halladay All-Stars (Roy's pretty good. He should feast on some of the weaker NL lineups.)

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Todd Uncommon said...

Zobrist was a May waiver wire pickup for me in the blogger fantasy league sponsored by A Cardboard Problem.

He helped me go from 11th to 4th out of 12 teams from that point on. He was a monster. Hope he does it again, and doesn't turn into the next coming of Francoeur or J.J. Hardy.